Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 9, NO. 2 / JUNE 1990


Antic Wants Your Programs...Now!

For our most recent issues, perhaps 30% of the type-in programs and disk bonus software we published were the best of new submissions that arrived after the previous Antic already went to press.

In most categories, the Antic "bank" of good hobbyist-written Atari 8-bit programs is the lowest it has ever been. (Our biggest remaining "bank reserves" are in games and disk bonus software - but we can definitely use more of these too.)

Antic welcomes your submissions of all types of 8-bit Atari material, especially programs - and most especially programs that are useful, friendly, practical applications with wide appeal and originality. We pay at least $200-$300 for an average-size type-in program or disk bonus, with accompanying article. Payment is made at publication time, but these days there usually isn't much of a waiting period before we run your accepted work.

Traditionally, Antic programs and articles have been written by enthusiastic Atari hobbyists like you. If you've put some work into a good 8-bit program that you never quite got around to finishing, now's the time to wrap up that final debugging and error trapping, and send a copy of your work to Antic.

Also, your work will be welcome here if it was returned to you prior to publication by one of the former Atari magazines that went out of business. (At this time, Antic Publishing is producing the only U.S. magazines regularly covering Atari computers.)

Beyond this, Antic is in the market to buy magazine-with-disk rights to commercial software that is no longer on the market. We would like to use the Antic Disk to bring back some of the best 8-bit commercial releases.

There's nothing tricky about submitting a program to Antic. Just send your software and accompanying article on disk as well as in printout. Type-in programs must be in Atari BASIC, but a disk bonus can be in any language that has a runtime version.

We'll examine your submissions as soon as possible. Any material we don't use will be returned if you enclose a stamped, self-addressed envelope.

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic