Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 8 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1990


(hardware interface)
N.R. Kennedy
300 S. Vancouver
Russellville, AR 72801
(501) 967-3843
IBM-PC compatible with RS-232 port required

Tired of making do with that IBM-PC compatible you bought? Now you can turn it into a RAMdisk and drive emulator for your trusty Atari 8-bit, with SIO-2-PC. Complete with 9-pin RS-232 connector and all the cables you need, SIO-2-PC lets you hook up your PC to your 8-bit and then create up to four RAMdisks in the PC's RAM space. You can then use these RAMdisks from your 8-bit, using your favorite Atari DOS, just like using another drive. Once you have your files on RAMdisk, you can save them to the PC's high capacity hard or floppy drives. If you transfer your startup files to the PC, you can even boot from it without needing a real disk drive.

SIO-2-PC will daisy chain with your other peripherals without interference. For special setups, custom cable lengths are available, and a 24-pin RS-232 connector costs $2 extra. If you already have that #~'&! PC or clone, and appreciate the irony of turning it into a file server for your Atari, SIO-2-PC will do the trick at a price that's hard to beat.


Innovative Concepts
31172 Shawn Drive
Warren, MT 48033
(313) 293-0730

If Broderbund's popular Print Shop software doesn't have a driver for your printer, Innovative Concepts may be able to help. Their new drivers are designed to work with Print Shop and Print Shop Companion, without modifying the original disks. PS Atari 1020 Driver lets you use Print Shop with the Atari 1020 Printer/plotter, using any one of four colors. The PS Okimate 10 Driver lets Okimate 10 users print their PS graphics -- in black, only. Also limited to black, the PS Epson LQ- 500/800 Driver works with the newer Epson and compatible 24-pin printers. All three drivers retail for a low, low $14.95 each!

Expanding their collection of memory upgrades, Innovative Concepts introduces RAMdrive + XL to XE ($53.95), a low-cost memory upgrade for the 800XL that makes it 100% compatible with the 130XE, including ANTIC modes! The upgrade comes complete with RAM chips, instructions, and utilities disk. Installation by someone experienced at soldering is recommended.

(programming language)
307 Forest Grove Drive
Richardson, TX 75080
$20 complete, $15 manual/registration fee only

Pascal has become the learning language of choice at many colleges. Draper Software brings this modular, high-level language to the 8-bit Atari with Draper Pascal. Released as shareware, the latest version of Draper Pascal is available on CompuServe, GEnie and Delphi with a 39-page "starter" manual. The complete 86-page manual is available by mail for a registration fee of $15. This complete manual includes extensive explanations of reserved words, plenty of examples, BASIC equivalents, details on RAMdisk usage, and much more.

(applications software)
457 June Street
Fall River, MA 02720
$9.95 complete, $8 manual/registration fee only

Tired of trying to keep a budget with little amateurish programs? Try Money Un-Limited from KCTronics. This inexpensive shareware program keeps track of your checking and savings accounts, and bills and income. Special monthly worksheets let you juggle your money more easily than ever as you try to stay within your budget. Instead of cluttering your desk with little scraps of paper, you can even use the special NotePad to record your notes. Users are free to copy and share the program. New users are requested to send in an $8 registration fee, for which they will receive the manual and, information on any updates.

Money Un-Limited is only the first of several useful products planned by KCTronics for home and small-business use. In the works are a general-purpose text processor and modern terminal, a menu-driven database, a physics/calculus/chemistry homework tutor, a phone dialer-database and a joystick-controlled, 2.5D animated CAD program.

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