Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 8 / FEBRUARY/MARCH 1990


Caverns of the Minotaur

By Rufus Reynolds

Collect gold and diamonds while avoiding the dreaded man-bull

In this arcade-style BASIC game, you get to outrun the classic monster of ancient Greece, Caverns of the Minotaur works on all 8-bit Atati computers with at least 48K memory and disk

You've managed to sneak your way into the fabled caverns of King Minos. Here beneath the ground, gold and diamonds been stashed away in corners and niches, ripe for the taking. One problem -- the ferocious minotaur has scented you, Half-man, half-bull, this tenacious creature will not rest until it destroys you. Fortunately, the minotaur is not that bright, at least in the early levels...


Type in MINOTAUR.BAS, Listing 1, and check it with TYPO II. Be sure to SAVE a copy before you RUN the program. Plug in your joystick, and you're ready to face the minotaur.

The object is to collect as much gold and diamonds as possible and bring the stash to the altar room while avoiding the clutches of the minotaur. It may sound easy, but beware! After you complete each level, the minotaur becomes smarter, and eventually it will take an expert arcade player to outmaneuver the beast.

There are only two basic floor plans in this maze (the ancient builders weren't too imaginative) but there's an unlimited number of rooms for you to loot. On each level, two color-coded keys appear in the maze sometime during the game. One key opens the secret passages on the sides of the screen, making it easier to avoid the minotaur. The other key will let you into the altar room--the only route to the next level.

Once you have the keys, position yourself either beside the side passages or just below the altar room and press the joystick button. The wall will disappear, showing the passage. The side passage you jump from one side of the screen to the other, leaving the minotaur far behind - for a little while, at least.

When you reach the altar, you will be magically transported to the next level, where you can continue gathering your treasure. Just beware - the minotaur learns slowly, but surely. You'll have to step lively to beat him.

Rufus Reynolds III of Clinton, Maryland is 19 years old and has been programming his Atari for approximately five years.

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