Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1989



I'm trying to use BSRk from the August 1988 Antic Disk, and it seems to have wrong and missing commands. The first problem was that the program would load only partially into the BSR Controller, then stop and lock up. Then the asterisks were not showing the correct days of the week in use. I seem to have corrected this problem by changing the (X-1) to (X-1)-.1 in line 6610.

Also, the program isn't sending the code to turn the appliance modules on and off, although the program seems to turn the lamps on and off all right.

Ed Sacks
Garden Grove, CA

As it says in the BSRk article, don't run the program from the monthly disk. Copy it to another disk, then follow the rest of the instructions on page 21 of that issue. Also, this program was tested with standard Atari BASIC, so don't use Turbo BASIC or BASIC XL/XE.--ANTIC ED


l want to activate the unused 4K block of memory on my Atari 800 (for my own programs, only, of course), but I don't know if the ANTIC chip refreshes over 48K. Can you help me?

Ralph Munoz
Los Angeles, CA

There is no memory in that 4K block you can use--unless you have a memory upgrade that uses that area, in which case it will be refreshed.--ANTIC ED.


How can l connect my Atari 800XL to my Tandy Model 200?

William Higginson, Jr.
Mayfield, KY

See Laptop-To-Atari Connection in the November 1987 Antic--ANTIC ED.


I have an Indus GT disk drive for my 130XE. The drive seems to be stuck in protect mode. Unless I can find a way to bypass or disable the protect mode, I am unable to save anything to disk. A letter to Indus Systems was returned unopened. Can you help me?

Vinton Henderson

Future Systems Inc. does repair work on Indus drives. Their address is 21634 Lassen Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311. (818) 407-1647.--ANTIC ED


In your October I/O board you had a reader who wanted to know where he could get the ChalkBoard PowerPad. We have several dozen units in stock priced at $30 each. We also have Music Maestro and BearJam PowerPad cartridge/overlay software available at $15 each. (The PowerPad is useless alone and requires a plastic overlay plus software.)

If any of your I/O Board readers could find the Micro Illustrator cartridge and overlay (ChalkBoard PowerPad version only!) they would have an excellent drawing pad due to the large drawing surface of the PowerPad.

Gail Maddox
American Techna-Vision
15338 Inverness Street
San Leandro, CA 94579
(415) 352-3787

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