Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 3 / JULY 1989



The program MiniMon (Antic, April 1989), will not run on my Atari 1200XL as written. For an easy fix, change Line 1140 in Listing #1, MINIMON.BAS. The seven boldfaced numbers below are the only ones to change:

1140 DATA 2040961322050320662

Now MINIMON.BAS will create a machine language file called MINIMON.EXE that will work on an 800 or 1200XL. The new version will not work an an XL/XE without a translator.

Paul Alhart
Lompoc, CA

Antic doesn't have a working 1200XL to check this on, but Paul Alhart has published a number of programs and Tech Tips in this magazine. -- ANTIC ED


I am presently the meet manager of our local swim club. Our club just yesterday finished hosting the Provincial Championships and I found the paperwork very time-consuming. I'd like to find a program I can use on my 130XE, one that will store information on the swimmers, seed the swimmers, produce time cards, and print the information in a program format. The only such program I can find is for IBM PCs. Is there one I can use on my Atari 8-bit?

Jerry Parsons
Gander, Newfoundland,

A spreadsheet program such as SynCalc could hold the information on swimmers, do some mathematical figuring for you, and print reports of the information. Talk to members of your local users group about available spreadsheets--or even finding a BASIC programmer who could write a custom program designed specifically for your setup. - ANTIC ED.


Sometimes I feel like a man sitting in a well-equipped garage feeling frustrated because I don't know how to use the tools. That's my situation with these cotton-pickin' computers and magazines I've picked up.

Don't get me wrong. . .since getting an Atari XE Game System for Christmas in '87 there's been a lot of time spent at the keyboard-but the potential is so much greater than the performance. I started reading Antic in early 1988, but I need the elementary stuff to lead the way, and it's been hard to find. I would like to know more about the different BASlCs, where I can find a small business inventory program, how to get a word processor that fits me.

I hope you're thinking of us newcomers who aren't in school any longer. Give us a helping hand so we can catch up with you.

Bob White
Ferndale, MI

It's always hard to cover the needs of all our readers. Many of the topics you're interested in have been covered in previous issues, and most back issues are still available. If you don't know what issue you want, the ANTIC ONLINE Index on CompuServe is the most complete resource we can offer. You can search for articles, reviews and programs by title, subject, date and author. Very often, the complete text of the article is included in the index itself.

Users groups are also an excellent source of help, and there are several active users groups in Michigan who produce a large joint newsletter, the Atari Interface Magazine. You can write them at Unicorn Publications, User Group Information, 3487 Braeburn Circle, Ann Arbor, MI 48108. Send them your address, phone number and the kind of computer you own, so they can link you up with the appropriate group. -ANTIC ED.

DOS, 800 & XF551

It was with great sadness that I read your article on DOS-XE (March, 1989). I eagerly awaited Atari's new DOS, only to find out that it would not work with my old reliable 800. Playing around with the cartridge door switch so I can use SpartaDOS X does not appeal to me, either.

The Antic Arcade seems to say that SuperDOS 5.0 is compatible with all Atari 8-bit computers. Will it let me take advantage of all the XF551's capabilities?

Thomas Andrews
Manlius, NY

According to Arcade Manager Charles Cherry, SuperDOS 5.0 does work with the 800 and will give you full control of the XF551. - ANTIC ED.


I am the computer coordinator in the Lower School at the Wilmington Friends School. Fonunately, eight years ago the very wise principal of our school purchased four Atari 800 computers. Since then we have designed a curriculum around computer programming and word processing. The Atari computer is so easy for young children to program in graphic colors that we begin First graders designing and programming their own patterns. We continue programming through the fourth grade, with students strengthening their ability to plan a project.

Presently we have four 800s, two 800XLs, and 23 65XE computers. With the reasonable price of the system, many parents have also been able to get Ataris for their homes. I have prepared many lesson plans for teachers to use with BASIC on the Atari. It distresses me to see Atari systems take the back seat in conferences, catalogues, and everyday conversation.

Bertie Toler
Wilmington Friends School
101 School Road
Wilmington, DE 19803


In my review of Celebrity Cookbook, published in the February 1989 Antic, I noted two problems with the program- Quirky joystick response, and an inability to print the recipes, despite a very generic printer driver.

Well, I wrote the company, and they did send me a fresh copy that fixed these bugs. It was six weeks in arriving, perhaps due to having moved their offces from California to Maryland about that time. But the support was there for me, so I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the product.

David Merrihue
Daly City, CA

Celebrity Cookbook ($29.95) is available from U.S.A. Media, 7810 Malcolm Road, Clinton MD 20735. (301) 868-5494. -ANTIC ED


I would like to start an Atari Farmer's and Gardener's user group. Anyone who uses an Atari 8-bit to help them with their gardening or farming is welcome to join. I would like to issue a disk full of useful programs, if we can accumulate enough. We are particularly interested in artifcial intelligence applications for the purpose of sorting out plant nutrient requirements, programs to track nutrient usage, or anything else that would help with the task of growing food. This includes hardware interfacing with real world sensors, etc.

Anyone interested should drop us a letter with a self addressed stamped envelope, and we'll let you know how it's going. The Atari 8-bit is the most cost-effective computer around. Let's get on the ball and see if we can apply it to the much needed job of producing wholesome food.

Lee Jones
Rt. 1 Box 76-B
Pleasantville, TN


I have a problem with the subscript and superscript commands in AtariWriter. The printer goes into subscript or superscript mode, but won't come out, so everything is printed in tiny print slightly above or below the normal print line. I have an Epson LX-80 printer. Is there anything I can do to fix the problem?

K. Helton
Sacramento, CA

The Antic Arcade's Printer Driver Construction Set (APO131, $19.95) will let you set up a special driver file that will "make your Atari Writer cartridge compatible with any printer" - ANTIC ED


We have an Atari 800XL and a disk drive and are thinking af subscribing to your disk magazine. Do you need DOS to play the disks?

J.E. Barclay
Lake Havasu City, AZ

DOS stands for Disk Operating System, and as the name suggests, you need some sort of DOS to use a disk drive. Fortunately, the Antic Monthly Disk always comes wth Atari DOS 2.0 on it--all you need to do is put the disk in the drive and turn the computer on, and the disk menu will appear. - ANTIC ED