Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 2 / JUNE 1989



(applications software)
Black Moon Systems
P.O. Box 152
Wind Gap, PA 18091
32K disk

Maintain your mailing lists and print out the labels you want with LabelMaster Version l.6. This powerful tool lets you design labels with up to six lines and a width of 34 characters, and create and edit your data onscreen. Multi-Column Lister Version 1.2 makes it possible for you to print your LabelMaster data files in one to four-column formats, on labels or paper. This utility works with Epson (and most compatible) printers. The two are sold as a package, for only $10.

Both LabelMaster and Multi-Column Lister are included in SBS, The Small Business System ($30), a group of programs designed to help run a small business. The program modules include Invoicing, Purchasing, Income and Expense Entry, End of Year Inventory, and Reports. Reports can be generated by month, any group of consecutive months, or by year. The Reports Module even includes a Sales and Tax Report and a Profit/Loss Report.

(publishing software)
Valar Software
115 Vale Road
Portslade Sussex
BN41 1GE England
26.64 Pounds Sterling (remittance in
U.K. funds required.)
XL/XE with minimum 64K, joystick,
Epson compatible Dot Matrix printer
with interface.

Page Marshal is a suite of programs forming a user-friendly, text-with-graphics Page Processing System. Originally developed as a structured programming chart drafting tool, the system can also produce electronics diagrams, business forms, statistical charts, graphs, tree structure charts and musical scores--not to mention standard uses for desktop publishing, such as advertisements or newsletters. A different character set or font can be used on every line, and a wide range of custom font files is included.

The screen display exactly mimics the printed copy. The program can work with an entire page in RAM, up to 80 columns wide and 80 lines deep. Any DOS 2.5 compatible word processor can produce text files for this system, or text can be entered in Page Marshal's own Typer mode.

(utility software)
No Frills Software
800 East 23rd Street
Kearney, NE 68847
$31.95, 48K disk

The PS USERS UTILITY DISK contains a set of utility programs for use with Broderbund's Print Shop. The icon viewer lets you load four icons at a time and an icon cataloger sets you print specified icons. Font and border catalogers are also included. Other options let you delete, rename or undelete your PS files, or even automatically transfer PS icons from one disk to another. Additional features let you mix PrintShop graphics with Atari fonts, to print custom labels and bookmarks.


(utility software)
Logic One
P.O. Box 18123
Cleveland, OH 44118-0123

Instantly examine and modify your programs with EDIT8 ($9.95), the one and only RAMdisk sector editor. The editor works with Binary or BASIC programs, text or data, and includes dual-display and a restore feature. According to Logic One, EDITS works with all upgrades, under DOS 2.5 or SpartaDOS 3.2.

Also from Logic One, The Enhancement ($7.95) lets you use your RAMdisk like a real disk. Working with Atari DOS 2.5 or SpartaDOS, The Enhancement lets DOS know when to recover and when to set up the RAMdisk, making it both automatic and "coldstart safe" -- every time.


(utility software)
c/o AW + Patch
PO. Box 1307
Allentown, PA 18105
$5, SpartaDOS 2.3 or 3.2

Lehigh Valley Atari Users Group (LVAUG) is now offering Craig Gaumer's patch which allows you to use your copy of AtariWriter Plus with SpartaDOS 2.3 or 3.2. With this patch you can run AW+ from a RAMdisk or hard drive, Exit to SpartaDOS and return to AW+ without losing your working copy, read directories of drives 1 through 8 directly from the AW+ menu, and more. Documentation is supplied on disk along with the patch.

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