Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 1 / MAY 1989

Tech Tips



These short BASIC programs let you control the default buzzer settings for AtariWriter+ and the AtariWriter + Proofreader. DefaultWriter will only work with the 48K versions of these programs.

DefaultWriter Companion #1 (DWC1.BAS) lets you disable that annoying buzzer when you start the program. The effect is the same as typing [CONTROL] [B] from the main menu, and you can still use [CONTROL] [B] to turn the buzzer on and off.

As a bonus, you can also change the duration of the buzzer with Companion #1. Even with the buzzer disabled, it will still sound when certain selections (like FORMAT) are made. The duration can be set to 0 for complete silence, or up to a setting of 255. The normal setting is 32.

DefaultWriter Companion #2 (DWC2.BAS) lets you change the buzzer default for the AtariWriter + PROOFREADER program. An added option lets you turn off the ARE YOU SURE (Y/N) prompt that follows a spelling correction. Proofreader will still check your new spelling against the dictionary, but you won't have to type Y after entering the word.

These two Companions will work on your original AtariWriter+ Disk--as did my original DefaultWriter+ (Antic, July l988) which lets yow pre-program two different sets of defaults for instant loading. However, to be on the safe side, you should make one or two backup copies of your original AtariWriter + disk, put the original disk in a safe place, and only work with the copies.

LISTING 1: DWC1.BAS Download

LISTING 2: DWC2.BAS Download

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