Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 1 / MAY 1989


(applications software)
F/22 Press
PO Box 141
Leonia, NJ 07605
(201) 568-6250

DarkStar ($64.95) is designed to solve all of the exposure and filtration problems normally encountered in the photographic darkroom. Among the eleven different types of problems it can solve are print density, magnification, lens opening, neutral density, color balance, filter factors, emulsion batch, b&w paper grade and type. TimeStar ($24.95) allows you to program as many as 15 sequenced events, each lasting up to 100 minutes. Audible warnings, and automatic or manual starting of periods are provided. Both DarkStar and TimeStar can automatically operate the Omega D5500 enlarger; the two are available combined in a single program called DarkStar Plus ($89.95).

Without accessing any on-line databases, ClearingHouse ($49.95) can help businesses detect bad checks. Requiring only a minute or two per check, the program runs through a series of 20 questions that catch 95% of invalid checks, according to the folks at F/22 Press--without requiring expensive telecommunications equipment.

For those less cautious with their money, F/22 also produces WIN, a program designed to pick favored numbers to win any type of Lotto or lottery, even exotic games like New York's l0-number Keno. WIN is sold for outright purchase at a price of $99.95; if the buyer promises to pay F/22 Press one-percent of everything over the first $100,000 won with the program, the price is only $19.95. For the scientific lotto player, LOTTO WHEELER 2.0 ($24.95) uses "wheeling" systems popularized by mathematician Ivan Dimitrov to skew the odds towards the player.

(printer stand)
290 Palatine Road
Wheeling, IL 60090
(312) 453-8000

The Print 'n Stac2 combines an accessory paper tray with Suncom's two-piece PrinterMate universal printer stand. Separately, the two pieces retail for $25.98.

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