Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 8, NO. 1 / MAY 1989



With this anniversary issue, Antic completes seven full years of publishing the bestselling magazine for Atari 8-bit computer users. Now as we enter our eighth year of continuous service to the 8-bit community, Antic is proud to still be one of the hardcore independent providers who have stuck by Atari users through good times and bad.

The Atari 800, XL and XE continue to stand alone as the best 8-bit computers ever made. As changing market forces led to dwindling commercial support for the 8-bit line, Antic has tried to fill the gaps as much as our resources would allow.

We have reactivated and expanded the Antic Arcade Catalog of 8-bit products, bringing back many excellent commercial products that had been allowed to go out of print.

On CompuServe's ANTIC ONLINE, we post many of our recent programs for your personal downloading, without any extra hourly surcharges. The ANTIC ONLINE INDEX gives you a high-powered database to look up any Antic article, review, or program from our seven years of publication. In fact, many of the complete articles and reviews are available in the Index for your downloading.

Perhaps most significant of all is that the price of the monthly Antic Disk has been cut by nearly half of the original cost. Both sides of the Antic Disk are packed full of outstanding 8-bit software. Each month's disk features Super Disk Bonus programs that are too large and complex to be printed as type-in listings.

Today's Antic Disk is an unbeatable Atari software value at $59.95 for 12 issues of the magazine plus disk--only $5 apiece. You can subscribe--or upgrade your current non-disk subscription--by mail, or by phoning toll-free to the Antic Disk Desk at (800) 234-7001 with your Visa or MasterCard order.

Single disks can also be ordered from the Antic Disk Desk for only $5.95 (plus $2 for shipping and handling) and will be shipped to you within 24 hours after receiving your Visa or MasterCard order. Or mail a $5.95 check (plus $2 shipping and handling) to Antic Disk Desk, 544 Second Street, San Francisco CA 94107. And see the back-issues ad in this magazine for additional savings on the prior magazines and disks you need to complete your Antic Library.

Let's keep working together for another year (Antic's eighth) of overcoming the nay-saying of those who want to write off the Atari 8-bit computers. We'II continue doing our part. It's important that you do your part by buying 8-bit products from the Arcade Catalog and subscribing to the Antic Disk.

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic