Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1989

Antic's 7th Annual Shoppers Guide

Yes, there are still 8-bit products out there – more than 275 on our chart!


Antic's Seventh Annual Shoppers Guide to products for the 8-bit Atari computers is a little bit different from the guides we've done previously. This year we put together a chart that attempts to briefly describe every 8-bit software and hardware product available in the market during the 1988 holiday season.

We can't guarantee that the chart is 100% complete. But that's what Antic was striving for and we think we came pretty close – maybe as much as 95% of the original standalone products. (We did not attempt to list every add-on or variation for the main products.) If any significant omissions are discovered, Antic will publish a mid-year update chart this spring.

According to the 1988 Antic Reader Survey, finding good software is the biggest concern of most 8-bit users. We didn't think anybody really knows how much 8-bit software is still available out there. Certainly the editors of this magazine didn't know. So for the new Shoppers Guide, we decided to try finding out. . .

A happy coincidence helped Antic with the formidable task of surveying all independent products for the 8-bit Atari. Charles Cherry had just rejoined Antic Software to expand the 8-bit catalog product line. His first task was to contact all past 8-bit publishers to discover what discontinued high-quality commercial software might be available for reissue. Cherry's in-depth field research saved Antic editors weeks of work in finding information for the chart.

You can read more about the revived 8-bit Antic Arcade catalog elsewhere in this issue. And when you see products on the chart marked with an asterisk * – it means they are already available from the catalog!


The Shoppers Guide Chart is arranged in major product categories. Similar to our past guides. Within each category, products are listed alphabetically by title. Complete addresses and phone numbers for the makers of each product are listed alphabetically in a separate directory, following the main chart.

Unless otherwise stated, the charted products should run on all Atari 8-bit computers with at least 48K memory. Other usual requirements are a joystick and color TV (or composite color video monitor, or monochrome monitor).

Although it was sad to find that some of the best 8-bit products from the past are currently out-of-print, we came across many pleasant surprises while preparing the Antic chart. For example, some 20 SSI role playing strategy games are still distributed by Electronic Arts.

With more than 275 listed products available right now, all 8-bit users should be able to find something that satisfies their needs. And with the Antic Arcade 8-bit catalog back in high gear, look for much more on the way.

FA-ST Hard Disk $699 ICD Powerful and dependable 20Mb data storage. It really is fast, too
Fastchip $19.95 NEWELL Speed up floating point routines 300%
Function Key Kit $14.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Gives XL/XE models the F1-F4 keys found on the 1200XL
ICX-85 Keypad $44.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Enhanced 10-key number pad
MFM Hard Drive Kit $289.95 ICD MFM controller for 5 1/4 inch, 8-bit hard disk
MPP-1150 Interface $59.95 SUPRA Dependable connection between standard printers or modems
Microprint printer interface $49.95 SUPRA Hook up your Atari to standard printers
Modem Mouth $19.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Add an external speaker to your modem
Multi I/O (256K) $239.95 ICD Turn your XL/XE into a multi-function workstation rivaling the ST in power
Multi I/0 (1Mb) $469.95 ICD Four times the memory as the regular model above
Omniview XL/XE $39.95 NEWELL Gives you 80 readable columns onscreen
Omniview 256 $39.95 NEWELL 80 Columns for 256KXL upgrade
OSNXL OS chip $49.95 NEWELL Versatile operating system chip
PowerManager * $24.95 TERRIFIC Control your household appliances automatcally using widely available X-10 modules
P:R: Connection $89.95 ICD Popular replacement for the Atari 850 interface
Printer Connection $59.95 ICD P:R: Connection's little brother
RAMbo XL $39.95 ICD Turn your XL into a 256K monster
RAMrod $79.95 NEWELL Operating system board that accepts standard OS ROMS
RAMrod XL $79.95 NEWELL Allows three different operating systems
RLL Hard Drive Kit $339.95 ICD RLL controller for 5 1/4-inch, 8-bit hard disk
SIO Port Box $24.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Eliminate the "dead-end peripheral" problem
S10 Switch Box $34.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Hook up two computers to one drive setup – or vice versa
1050 Controller $21.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Gives your 1050 write-on/off and normal modes
20 Meg Hard Drive $699 SUPRA Proven dependable performer for the 8-bit
256KXLLM $39.95 NEWELL 256K RAM upgrade
Ultra-Speed Plus Chip $69.95 CSS Three operating systems in one
US Doubler with SpartaDOS $69.95 ICD High-speed disk I/O, true double density
XEP-80 * $79.95 ATARl The box that brings 80 columns of crisp text and graphics to your screen

Parrot II $59.95 ALPHA Hardware/software sound digitizer
Pre-Recorded Parrot Sounds $4.95 ALPHA Digitized sound files for Parrot II
Voice Master Jr. $49.95 COVOX Powerful sound digitizer includes Escape from Planet X game

Animation Station $89.99 SUNCOM KoalaPad-like graphics tablet with software
Blazing Paddles $34.95 BAUDVILLE Powerful drawing/painting software
ComputerEyes $129.95 DIGITAL VISION Hardware/software video image digitizer
Desktop Performance Studio $49.95 VIRTUSONICS Unique concept blends music, animation and art
Graphics Transformer $22.95 ALPHA Combine and merge pictures from different paint programs
Video Title Shop $29.95 DATAMOST Creates animated titles for video tapes. Optional $19.95 Graphics Companion

ACLS Protocols $29 MAD SCIENTIST Medical simulation software
Addition and Subtraction $29.95 MINDSCAPE Help with math
Astro-Grover $9.99 HI-TECH Colorful preschool software in Sesame Street series
Big Bird's Special Delivery $9.99 HI-TECH Preschool Sesame Street software
Biology $19.95 AEC Biology tutor
Blood Gases $24 MAD SCIENTIST Medical simulation software in Cardiac Arrest! series
CAMP $19.95 XLENT Computer Assisted Math Program help
Cardiac Arrest! $69.95 MAD SCIENTIST Find out how well you can run a simulated emergency room
Cardioquiz $19 MAD SCIENTIST Medical quiz in Cardiac Arrest! series
Decimals: Addition and Subtraction $29.95 MINDSCAPE Math drill help. Multiplication and Division disk is also $29.95
EKG Teaching $29 MAD SCIENTIST Medical simulation software in Cardiac Arrest! series
Ernie's Big Splash $9.99 HI-TECH Preschool software in Sesame Street series
Ernie's Magic Shapes $9.99 HI-TECH Preschool software in Sesame Street series
Foreign language Curriculum $59.95 AEC Foreign language skills tutor
Fractions: Addition and Subtraction $29.95 MIDSCAPE Multiplication and Division disk is also $29.95
French $19.95 AEC French language skills tutor
Geography Facts Curriculum $49.95 AEC Geography tutor
Grammer $19.95 AEC Brush up on grammer skills
Grover's Animal Adventures $9.99 HI-TECH Sesame Street preschool oftware
History Facts Curriculum $49.95 AEC On-disk history teacher
French $19.95 AEC French language skills tutor
Geography Facts Curriculum $49.95 AEC Geography tutor
Grammar $19.95 AEC Brush up on grammar skills
Grover's Animal Adventures $9.99 HI-TECH Sesame Street preschool software
History Facts Curriculum $49.95 AEC On-disk history teacher
Learn to Read Curriculum $39.95 AEC Reading program
Linkword Languages $24.95 ARTWORX Vocabulary memorization series available in German, Italian, Spanish
Mastertype Filer $29.95 MINDSCAPE Typing tutor
Math Blaster $49.95 DAVIDSON Math tutor with arcade atmosphere
MonkeyMath $19.95 ARTWORX Help with math
MonkeyNews $19.95 ARTWORX Early educational software
Multiplication and Division $29.95 MINDSCAPE Help with math
New Improved Mastertype $39.95 MINDSCAPE Arcade-like typing tutor
Pals Around Town $9.99 HI-TECH Early educational software
Pie Builder $29.95 WEEKLY READER Learn to draw onscreen
Quizmaster Construction Set $11.50 EZUSE Create any kind of multiple choice quiz
Reading Fundamentals Curriculum $99.95 AEC On-disk reading program
Science 3/4, 5/6, 7/8 $19.95 each AEC Science tutors for various grades
Science Facts Curriculum $89.95 AEC Science help for students and teachers
Sesame Street Print Kit $14.99 HI-TECH Flashy page design software disguised as a kid's program
Spanish $19.95 AEC Spanish language skills tutor
Spell It $49.95 DAVIDSON Spelling tutor
Spelling Curriculum $39.95 AEC Spelling program for students and teachers
Spelling Curriculum $49.95 AEC Spelling program for students and teachers
Stickybear ABC $19.95 WEEKLY READER Beautiful aniniated pictures teach the alphabet to kids Ages 3-6
Stickybear Basket-Bounce $19.95 WEEKLY READER Rack up points by catching falling objects. Fun for all family
Stickybear Bop $19.95 WEEKLY READER Family fun. Rack up points by bopping things
Stickybear Numbers $l9.95 WEEKLY READER Animated counting game for ages 3-6
Stickybear Opposites $19.95 WEEKLY READER Big colorful animations introduce reasoning skills, ages 3-6
Stickybear Shapes $19.95 WEEKLY READER Learn circles, rectangles, etc. and win an animation. Ages 3-6
Typing Tutor/Word Invaders $24.95 disk ACADEMY Arcade-like typing teacher
U.S. Geography $19.95 AEC Build up your knowledge of geography
U.S. Government $19.95 AEC Know how your country works
U.S. History $19.95 AEC Know what happened, and when
USA Construction Set $11.50 EZUSE Clever, thorough geography questioner
Vocabulary $19.95 AEC Everything you want to know about each state, in quiz form
Word Attack $49.95 DAVIDSON Vocabulary builder
Word Skills Curriculum $49.95 AEC Vocabulary builder
World Geography $19.95 AEC Geography drill program
World History $19.95 AEC History drill program

BBS Express! $39.95 ORION Popular 8-bit bulletin board program
BBS Express! Professional $49.95 ORION Excellent upgrade, needs a hard disk and SpartaDOS
Express! $39.95 ORION Top 8-bit telecommunications program

ACTION! $79.95 ICD 50 to 200 times faster than BASIC
ACTION! RunTime Package $29.95 ICD Make ACTION! programs that run without the cartridge
Adyan BASIC * $29.95 ADVAN High-powered compiled BASIC language
BASIC Turbocharger $24.95 ALPHA Book/disk of machine language routines for BASIC
BASIC XE $79.95 ICD Uses the extra memory in your l30XE
BASIC XL $59.95 ICD IF. . ELSE, RENUMber commands and more. $29.95 ToolKit includes RunTime Package
Diamond OS $29.95 USA MEDIA ST-like desktop operating environment
Diskwiz $29.95 ALLEN Top-class sector editor–an old favorite
DISKIO $32.95 CLEARSTAR Top-class sector editor–a new favorite
GOE Desktop $59.95 TOTAL CONTROL ST-like desktop operating system on cartridge
HardBack! $39.95 ORION Back up your hard disk fast
Kyan Pascal $69.95 KYAN Solid 8-bit Pascal language implementation
Lightspeed C $39.95 CLEARSTAR Hot new 8-bit C language implementation
Lightspeed Windows $24.95 CLEARSTAR Windowing utility for Lightspeed C
MAC/65 $79.95 ICD Super-fast machine language assembler
MAC/65 ToolKit $29.95 ICD Save hours of work with add-on macros
MYDOS $29.95 NEWELL Operating system has the serious user in mind
R-Time 8 $69.95 ICD Clock cartridge used with SpartaDOS
RAM-Aid $15.95 INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS Coldstart switch for memory-upgraded computers
SBM $99.95 NEWELL Inventory control/point-of-sale program. SBM 130 is XE version, also $99.95
Scanalyzer $29.95 ALPHA Single-pass sector copier
Screen Design * $24.95 ADVAN Paint program for Advan BASIC
SCXM sector copier $17.95 NEWELL For 256KXL upgrade
SD/DD sector copier $17.95 NEWELL Make up to 153 copies and read the source disk just once
SpartaDOS Construction Set $39.95 ICD Operating system that's the favorite of memory upgraders and hard disk owners
SpartaDOS ToolKit $39.95 ICD SpartaDOS utility package
SpartaDOS X $79.95 ICD SpartaDOS on a cartridge leaves you more memory
SuperDOS * $20 TECHNICAL SUPPORT Easy, powerful DOS 2.5 variation
Ultra Menu/DOS $29.95 CSS Convert single density to double, etc.

AwardWare $14.99 HITECH Print awards, certificates
Billboard Shareware SHEPHERD B-I-G printouts
CardWare $9.99 HI-TECH Nifty card-printing software
Daisy-Dot II $10 ROY GOLDMAN Fancy fonts and graphics for your dot matrix printer
Icon Disk $19.95 XLENT For Typesetter and Rubber Stamp
Magniprint II+ $24.95 ALPHA Print in all Graphics modes
Megafont II+ $24.95 XLENT All-around printing utility
Newsroom $49.95 SPRINGBOARD 8-bit desktop publishing software
News Station $29.95 REEVE 8-bit desktop publishing software
News Station Companion $29.95 REEVE Images for Reeve News Station
Page Designer $29.95 XLENT 8-bit desktop publishing software
PartyWare $14.99 HI-TECH Print invitations and more
Picture Disk $19.95 XLENT For Typesetter and Rubber Stamp
Print Shop $24.95 BRODERBUND Still the number one printing program
Print Shop Companion $34.95 BRODERBUND More tools for Print Shop
Print Shop Fonts & Borders l-5 * $14.95 each NO FRILLS Series of original designs for Print Shop
Print Shop Interface $29.95 XLENT Convert images between P.S. and XLENT's print programs
PrintPower $14.99 HI-TECH Easy page design like Print Shop
Printwlz $29.95 ALLEN Powerful and versatile printing utility
Publishing Pro $39.95 REEVE Desktop publishing software
Qulk-Pix $29.95 WHITE LION Converts Print Shop icons for use in AtariWriter Plus files
Quik-Pix PC $29.95 WHITE LION Converts Print Shop icons for PaperCup files
Rubber Stamp $29.95 XLENT Puts graphics and text on the same page
Rubber Stamp Graphics Library $29.95 WHITE LION Visual images for XLEnt's Rubber Stamp
Schematic Designer $24.95 ALPHA Create the electronic gadgets of your dreams
Super 3-D Plotter II * $29.95 ELFIN MAGIC Outstanding solid modeler drawing tool
Typesetter $34.95 XLENT Full-featured page designer software
Typesetter Graphics Library $26.95 WHITE LION Graphics for XLEnt's Typesetter
Video Juke Box $10 SHEPHERD Flashy screen displays using Print Shop graphics

First XLEnt Word Processor $29.95 XLENT One of the best available today
Letter Perfect $49.95 UK Still a good tool
Richman's 80-Column Word Processor $39.95 CSS All-software 80-column program
TurboWord 80 * $49.95 MICROMISER 80-column word processor compatilble with Turbobase

Celebrity Cookbook $29.99 USA MEDIA Recipes and diets of famous people
TurboBase * $159.95 MICROMISER PC-Quality business database
TurboBase 80 * $179.95 MICROMISER High-powered 80-column database for business
Circuit Database $12.95 ELFIN MAGIC Fine 8-bit database
Data Perfect $79.95 UK Old favoilte 8-bit's best database
Elite Personal Accountant $39.95 CLEARSTAR Home finance manager
InSyst $34.95 SOSOFT Personal accounting software
Loan Department $69.95 UK Play "What if" with loan possibilities
Maillist $19.95 ARTWORX Mailing list software
Megafiler $19.95 XLENT Database/mailing list software
Miles Payroll System $99.95 MILES Small business payroll program

CZ Librarian * $39.95 HYBRID ARTS Patch filer for Casio CZ keyboards
DX Editor $59.50 HYBRID ARTS Shape sounds for Yamaha DX keyboards
DX Librarian * $59.95 HYBRID ARTS Save patches for Yamaha DX keyboards
Genpatch $74.50 HYBRID ARTS Versatile patch editor
Guitar Wizard $29.95 BAUDVILLE Learn to play the guitar, find chords fast
MidiTrack II * $174 HYBRID ARTS Hardware/software system makes your XL a MIDI recording studio
MidiTrack III * $187 HYBRID ARTS 128K version of the above, for 130XE only
Mirage Editor (130 only) $93.50 HYBRID ARTS Shape sounds for Ensoniq synthesizers
Music Construction Set $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Well-known music creator, uses standard notation

Alternate Reality: City $29.95 DATASOFT (EA) Vast-scale graphic adventure
Alternate Reality: Dungeon $29.95 DATASOFT (EA) Colorful sequel to Alternate Reality
Autoduel $39.95 BRODERBUND Road Warrior time, and you're the good guy
Battle of Antietam $49.95 SSI (EA) Re-create this classic Civil War battle
Beach-Head I and II $14.95 ACCESS Smash the Mad leader's fortress
Beach Landing $29.95 WEEKLY READER Strategy arcade game based on D-Day
Bismarck $29.95 DATASOFT (EA) Sink the impregnable German warship
Bop 'N Wrestle $29.95 MINDSCAPE Pro Wrestling at its flashiest
BoulderDash Construction Kit $19.95 EPYX Create new screens for the classic game
Bridge 5.0 $29.95 ARTWORX Learn to play bridge
Bruce Lee $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) Classic hand-to-hand combat simulator
Classy Chassy $9.95 CLEARSTAR Hot pinball game simulation
Clear for Action $30 AVALON HILL Design your own sea battles
Combat Chess $25 AVALON HILL Chess with a twist
Compubridge $19.95 ARTWORX Learn the ins and outs of bridge
Computer Ambush $59.95 SSI (EA) Man-to-man Squad combat in WWII Europe
Computer Quarterback $14.95 SSI (EA) Football simulation challenges
Conan $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) Hack and slash with the famed barbarian brute
Cross Town Crazy 8 $19.95 XLENT Play Crazy Eights cardgame via modem
Crosscheck $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) A different kind of computer crossword
Crossword Magic $29.95 MINDSCAPE You don't need a newspaper for this one
Cycle Knight $19.95 ARTWORX Medieval biker arcade game
Eternal Dagger $39.95 SSI (EA) Fantasy quest role-playing
F-15 Strike Eagle $29.95 MICROPROSE Hot jet aircraft combat simulator
Fat City $29.95 WEEKLY READER You're a construction worker on the lookout for rats
Field of Fire $19.95 SSI (EA) Historic infantry battles of WWII
Flight Simulator II $49.95 SUBLOGIC You can really learn how to fly with your 8-bit
Gauntlet $34.95 MINDSCAPE Barbarian A-Team fights monsters galore
Gauntlet: Deeper Dungeons $29.95 MINDSCAPE More of the above, with even tougher opponents
Gemstone Warrior $14.95 SSI (EA) Fantasy quest in the netherworld
Gettysburg $59.95 SSI (EA) Civil War turning-point battle re-created
Guderian $30 AVALON HILL Do battle with the famous Nazi general
Gulf Strike $30 AVALON HILL Land, air and sea combat in the Persian Gulf
Hunt for Red October $39.95 DATASOFT (EA) Based on the best-selling submarine novel
Infiltrator $29.95 MINDSCAPE Pilot a powerful plane against dictators
Kampfgruppe $59.95 SSI (EA) Strategy wargame on the Russian Front
Karateka $14.95 BRODERBUND Fast-moving karate arcade game
Knights of the Desert $19.95 SSI (FA) Rommel's army vs. Britain
Leader Board $29.95 ACCESS Play golf with color and style
Lode Runner $14.95 BRODERBUND The granddaddy of all chase games
Lords of Conquest $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Take over the world in the computer equivalent of Risk!
Maxwell Manor $25 AVALON HILL Haunted house mystery areade game
Mech Brigade $59.95 SSI (EA) What happens if NATO takes on the Soviet bloc in the 1990s
Mercenary: Escape from Targ $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) 3-D graphics as you work your way off a strange planet
Mercenary: Second City $4.95 DATASOFT (EA) Supplementary disk with more Mercenary challenges
Micro league Baseball $39.95 MICRO LEAGUE Statistically based simulation with 25 terrific teams
Mindshadow * $17.95 INFOCOM Classic text adventure game
Miniature Golf Plus $19.95 XLENT Build your own courses, add your own hazards
Mission on Thunderhead $25 AVALON HILL Intergalactic scavenger hunt
Moonmist * $17.95 INFOCOM Text adventure game in a haunted castle
Neverending Story $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) Graphic fantasy realm of the bestselling book and movie
Panzer Grenadler $19.95 SSI (EA) Hitler's elite tanks on the Eastern Front
Party Quiz $29.95 SUNCOM Best of the trivia quiz games for 8-bit
Phantasie $39.95 SSI (EA) Role-playing adventure classic
Phantasie II $39.95 SSI (EA) Back to the lair of the Dark Lords in this sequel
Pinball Construction Set $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Build your own pinball machine
Racing Destruction Set $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Build your own speedways and crash your own cars
Rebel Charge $49.95 SSI (EA) Civil War action at Chickamauga
Run For It $29.95 WEEKLY READER Help Orbit the Robot flee from the bad guys
Seastalker * $17.95 INFOCOM Text adventure game with underwater treasure
Seven Cities of Gold $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Conquer Latin America for the Spaniards
Shiloh $39.95 SSI (EA) Re-fight General Grant's debut
Silent Service $29.95 MICROPROSE Excellent WWII submarine simulation
Software Golden Oldies $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS Four classic games, including Eliza and Pong
Sons of Liberty $39.95 SSI (EA) Strategy wargame of the American Revolution
Spitfire 40 $35 AVALON HILL Take to the air against the Nazis in the Battle of Britain
Spy vs. Spy $19.95 EPYX Those nutty agents from Mad Magazine invade your 8-bit
Strip Poker $29.95 ARTWORX Lovely ladies play a tough game
Strip Poker Data Disks 1, 2, 3 $19.95 each ARTWORX More lovely ladies play a tougher game
Summer Games $19.95 EPYX Enter the olympics on your Atari
Super BoulderDash $14.95 ELECTRONIC ARTS The classic arcade game revamped
Super Huey $12.95 COSMI Helicopter simulation challenge
Temple of Apshai $19.95 EPYX Early graphics adventure game
Theatre Europe $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) Drop bombs over occupied territory in WWII
Triple Pack $19.95 ACCESS Beach-Head I/II; Raid Over Moscow
Trivia Mania $19.95 XLENT Mind-boggling trivia game
221-B Baker Street $19.95 DATASOFT (EA) Computer version of the Sherlock Holmes board game
Ultima III $39.95 BRODERBUND Lord Britain's graphic adventure series
Ultima IV $59.95 BRODERBUND Another step forward in this adventure series
USAAF $59.95 SSI (EA) Daylight bombing across Europe
Video Vegas $29.95 BAUDVILLE Gamble for free
War in Russia $79.95 SSI (EA) Monumental WWII simulation
Wargame Construction Set $14.95 SSI (EA) Create your Own strategy simulations
Wishbringer* $17.95 INFOCOM Magic is your weapon in this popular text adventure
Wizard's Crown $39.95 SSI (EA) Guide 8 fantasy adventurers to the treasures
Zorro $9.95 DATASOFT (EA) Acrobatic sword-fighter in hot graphics screens

Sources for 8-Bit Atari Products

Over 65 manufacturers and publishers

Following are the addresses and phone numbers of the manufacturers (in alphabetical order) of the over 275 available 8-bit Atari products listed in Antic's Seventh Annual Shoppers Guide. Generally these manufacturers are willing to ship you any of their products which you cannot conveniently obtain from a local retailer, or from a mail-order supplier who advertises in Antic.

Often, shipping charges or sales tax must be added to the cost of your order. So it is best to check with a manufacturer for the latest total price – either by phone or by mail – before you send any payment (by check, money order, or credit card number). Companies providing toll-free 800 phone numbers tend to prefer that these toll-free lines be used for credit card purchases, not simply for questions about the products.

ACADEMY SOFTWARE, P.0. Box 6277, San Rafael, CA 94903. (415) 499-0850.

ACCESS SOFTWARE, 545 West 500 South, Bountiful, UT 84010. (801) 298-9077, (800) 824-2549.

ADVAN LANGUAGE DESIGNS, P.0. Box 159, Baldwin, KS 66006. (913) 594-3420.

(AEC) AMERICAN EDUCATIONAL COMPUTER, 7506 N. Broadway, Suite 505, Oklahoma City, OK 73116. (405) 840-6031, (800) 222-2811.

ALLEN MACROWARE, P0. Box 2205, Redondo Beach, CA 90278. (213) 376-4105.

ALPHA SYSTEMS, 1012 Skyland Drive, Macedonia, OH 44506. (216) 467-5665.

ARTWORX SOPTWARE, 1844 Penfield Road, Penfield, NY 14526. (716) 385-6120, (800) 828-6573.

ATARI CORP., 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, CA 94086. (408) 745-2000.

AVALON HILL, 4517 Hartford Road, Baltimore, MD 21214. (301) 254-5300, (800) 638-9292.

BAUDVILLE, 5380 52nd Street, Grand Rapids, MI 49508. (616) 698-0888.

BRODERBUND SOFTWARE, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael, CA 94903. (415) 492-3200, (800) 527-6263.

CLEARSTAR SOFTECHNOLOGIES/OMEGASOFT, P0. Box 139, Harrells, NC 28444. (919) 532-2359.

COSMI, 431 N. Figueroa Street, Wilmington, CA 90744. (213) 835-9687, (800) 654-8829 in CA, (800) 834-0537 outside CA.

COVOX, INC., 675-D Conger Street, Eugene, OR 97402. (503) 342-1271.

(CSS) COMPUTER SOFTWARE SERVICES, P0. Box 17660, Rochester, NY 14617. (716) 467-9326.

DATASOFT/Intellicreations (See Electronic Arts)

DAVIDSON & ASSOCIATES, 3135 Kashiwa Street, Torrancel CA 90505. (213) 534-4070, (800) 516-6141.

DEL COM SERVICES, 803 Eisenhower Drive, Augusta, GA 30904. (404) 738-2139.

DIGITAL VISION, 66 Eastern Avenue, Dedham MA 02026. (617) 329-5400, (800) 346-0090.

ELECTRONIC ARTS, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404. (415) 571-7171. (Distributors of Datasoft, Intellicreations, SSI, etc.)

ELFIN MAGIC, 23 Brook Place, East Islip, NY 11730. (516) 581-7657.

EPYX, 600 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063. (415) 366-0606.

EZUSE SOFTWARE, 4732 Knollpark Circle, Antioch, CA 94509. (415) 842-4669.

HI-TECH EXPRESSIONS, 1700 N.W. 65th Ave., Suite 9, Plantation, FL 33313. (305) 584-6386.

HYBRID ARTS, 11920 W Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90064. (213) 826-3777.

ICD, INC., 1220 Rock Street, Rockford IL, 61101. (815) 968-2228.

INFOCOM (See Mediagenic)

INNOVATIVE CONCEPTS, 31172 Shawn Drive Warren MI 48093. (313) 293-0730.

KYAN SOFTWARE, 1850 Union Street, #183, San Francisco, CA 94123. (415) 626-2080.

LJK, INC., 1351 Yves Drive, Manchester, MO 63011. (314) 527-6909.

LOGIC ONE, P.O. Box 18123, Cleveland, OH 44118.

MAD SCIENTIST SOFTWARE, 206 North 820 West, Pleasant Grove, UT 84062. (801) 785-3028.

MASTERTRONIC, 711 W. 17th Street, Unit G9, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. (714) 631-1001.

MEAD MICRO WARE, 10 Bonito Place, Los Alamos, NM 87544.

MEDIAGENIC (formerly Activision), 3885 Bohannon Drive, Menlo Park, CA 94025. (415) 329-0800. (Distributors of Infocom, etc.)

MICRO LEAGUE SPORTS ASSOC., 2201 Drummond Plaza, Newark, DE 19711. (302) 368-9990.

MICROMISER, 1635-A Holden Avenue, Orlando, FL 32809. (407) 857-6014.

MICROPOSE, 180 Lakefront Drive Hunt Valley, MD 21030. (301) 771-1151.

ILES COMPUTING INC., 7741 Maa Avenue, Suite 2, Canoga Park, CA 91304. (818) 994-6280.

MINDSCAPE, 3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062. (312) 480-7667, (800) 221-9884.

MINERVA RESEARCH LTD., Suite 3A, 323 Windermere Place, Victoria, BC V85 3J4. (604) 721-2205

MONOGRAM SOFTWARE, 531 Van Ness Avenue, Torrance, CA 90501. (213) 533-5120.

NEWELL INDUSTRIES, 1213 Devonshire, Wylie, TX 75098. (214) 442-6612.

NO FRILLS SOFTWARE, 800 East 23rd Street, Kearney, NE 68847. (308) 234-6250.

OMNITREND SOFTWARE, P0. Box 733, West Simsbury, CT 06092. (203) 658-6917.

ORION MICROSYSTEMS, 2211 Planter's Row Drive, Midlothian, VA 23112. (804) 794-9437.

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