Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1989


New Antic 8-Bit Catalog–Bigger Than Ever

So now it's up to you.

Nat Friedland photoMany longtime Atari users remember that dark day in 1984 when Atari announced the closing of APX, the Atari Programmers Exchange. APX had been a major source of great software that was considered too "specialized" to make it into normal commercial channels. All the APX programs were about to disappear, but Antic moved quickly. We thought that our readers could rescue the APX software, so we formed the Antic Arcade to help.

And you proved we were right! You bought Arcade products and kept the APX titles alive. The Antic Arcade was successful from the first day. It grew rapidly and became The Catalog. The Catalog grew and became Antic Software, which has grown into a major independent software developer supporting several computer brands.

In the meantime, we have not forgotten our roots in the Atari 8-bit market. We see the 8-bit retail channels drying up. Major manufacturers will no longer support the 8-bit. Small manufactures cannot get distribution. Retailers will not give Atari products shelf space. Atari owners cannot find the software they need. What's the answer?

We think it's time for the Antic Arcade again. We think you readers can rescue the Atari retail market! So we're taking the first step. We re-opened the Antic Arcade and are making it bigger than ever.

The Arcade is seeking out warehoused Atari products from the major manufacturers. We are locating the existing stocks of discontinued products. We are negotiating the re-manufacture of abandoned products. We are finding and preserving "lost" programs for reissue. Tragically, some fine programs appear to be gone forever. The source code and even the production masters have been destroyed. We are trying to prevent further destruction of valuable Atari 8-bit software.

We're actively seeking out smaller developers. Professional programs are being written today which are superior to anything from the past. They are often being sold mail-order from the programmer's kitchen table. We want to provide these programs the distribution they deserve.

The Antic Arcade will deliver the best products for your Atari. Of course, the full line of programs we already developed for The Catalog is back again. Four years of development here produced more than 50 great software titles covering the spectrum from programming tools to exciting entertainment and educational enhancement.

Here at Antic we are doing our part to keep the 8-bit Atari alive. But the Arcade will only succeed if you do your part too. let us know that you want the Arcade to continue by placing your first order today. Tell your friends. Tell your users group. The future of the Antic Arcade – in fact, the whole future of 8-bit Atari software in North America – is now up to Antic readers like you!

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic