Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 8 / DECEMBER 1988

ST Flight Missions

Wolf Griffey reviews Carrier Command


Mission Briefing: Take command of the Aircraft Carrier Epsilon. The computer-controlled enemy Aircraft Carrier Omega is in the area of the mineral-rich volcanic island chain and has begun building unfriendly bases. The Omega's robots can command all stations and will not tire. Seek out and neutralize the Omega with the inherent superiority of the human mind...

Carrier Command is a multiscreen, multi-level battle strategy game that tests your abilities to lead your high-powered command against an implacable computerized opponent. The cyber-operated Epsilon and Omega have been developed to exploit an area of new volcanic islands containing stupendous mineral resources. Now the Omega does not respond to government orders and is heading for the 64-island chain to set up operations for the criminal organization STANZA. Your objective is to stop the Omega and establish friendly bases in the island chain.

The Epsilon and Omega each have the same inventory of mighty weapons, including chemical lasers, surface and air missiles, defense drones, flares, WALRUS amphibious tanks, MANTA aircraft and much more. Throw in damage control, navigation and carrier stores, and you're one busy commander.

Your targets are the unfortunate islands where the Omega has placed ACCBs (Automated Command Centre Builders). To convert an island to "friendly," either take out the ACCB with firepower, or use a slower-acting Virus Bomb. Your islands are your supply line and you need them--there's no corner garage.

But enough background, the game itself is great. It has been played to death by the Antic and START editors. Carrier Command graphics are superb--wait till you see the view from inside a WALRUS heading for the beach. There's always something happening. You must employ good tactics just to stay even.

My one personal ding against Carrier Command is that although I can get four WALRUS tanks and four MANTA jets into the fight at once, I can view from only one unit at a time. If more windows had been added to the active command screen, you could make a truly coordinated attack.

$44.95, color. Rainbird, P.O. Box 2227, Menlo Park, CA 94026. (800) 227-6900, (415) 322-0900.

Former Marine Corps jet pilot Wolf Griffey can now be found in the Antic Software Customer Service Department.

Antic and START editors have played this game to death. Graphics are superb: wait till you see the view from inside a WALRUS heading for the beach.