Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1988


By GREGG PEARLMAN, Antic Assistant Editor

Operation Wolf is a commando-style attack adventure from 'Paito Software, the people who brought you Space Invaders back in those primordial ooze days of the late 1970s. Operation Wolf features arcade graphics, copious sound effects and multiple levels of play-as do all of Taito's new games.

Renegade pits you against tough street thugs as you strut around the dangerous part of town. Your only weapons are your wits and your karate know-how as you decimate gangs of punks, whacking them into submission and leaving them twitching on the ground, pleading for mercy (which you won't show them).

Fire pits, flaming swords and underground realms abound in Rastan. In this magical land of excitement and power, you can live the death-defying life of a mythical warrior with mythical powers. In Al-con, the action is on a much larger scale-an interplanetary war. You'll be firing lasers or homing missiles and dropping bombs as you battle against deadly aliens.

Bubble Bobble is somewhat less violent than the rest of the Taito line. Here, Bub and Bob are on the run from Evil Beasties in this 100-screen entry based on the chuckle-inducing arcade game.

$39.95 each, color. Taito Software Inc., 267 West Esplanade, North Vancouver, BC, Canada V7M1A5. (604) 984-3344.

It's 1941. The German battleship Bismarck has just sunk Britain's HMS Hood, killing 1,400. The British Admiralty has rushed its best torpedo bomber pilots to the carrier Ark Royal in the Atlantic. Their mission-destroy the Bismarck.

As a World War II flying ace, keep on the lookout for German U-Boats and E-Boats as well as fighter planes as you head towards the Bismarck. You'll be flying blind-there are no landmarks. You may eventually need to choose between rescuing your home carrier from attack, or destroying your target.

$49.95, color. Epyx (U.S. Gold), 600 Galveston Drive, P.O. Box 8020, Redwood City, CA 94063. (415) 366-0606.

Warship is a World War II tactical war-game set in the Pacific theater. This SSI game features the Pensacola, Exeter, Kirishima and just about every other warship that fought in the Pacific from 1941 to 1945. You can choose from 79 classes of warships or modify ship data to create your own battleships. Four scenarios are included-three historical and one hypothetical-but you also can create your own maps and scenarios. Your ST keeps track of every hit and calculates damage based on factors such as armor strength and hit location. Flooding, fire and other damage are also major factors.

$59.95, color. Strategic Simulations Inc., distributed by Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404. (800) 245-8525; in California, (800) 245-4525.

GradePlus gives teachers a complete, easy-to-use, productive gradebook system for $25 dollars. Test Maker, also $25, lets you create and save tests that you've designed and formatted.

On the technical side, the SeaChest Library ($14.97) is a complete C language library for beginners and experts alike.

Positronic Software, distributed by Megabyte Computers, 109 W Bay Area, Webster, TX 77598. (800) 255-5786.

Here are more arrivals from Data East, the people who brought you Platoon and Speed Buggy:

You'll pilot your jet fighter to battle against enemies based on land, sea and in the air as you soar into the third dimension in Lock-On. In Ikari Warriors, you and a partner engage in guerilla warfare in jungles, rivers and ruins. And finally, Karnov, the fire-breathing Russian, must fight his way past a plethora of strange monsters as he seeks the lost treasure of Babylon.

$39.95 each, color monitor required. Data East USA Inc., 470 Needles Drive, San Jose, CA 95112. (408) 286-7074.

The world is on the brink of disaster. War and conflict devastate humanity and you must restore order before the Earth is destroyed by a full-scale nuclear war. Toward that end, you've been trained to operate the ultimate fighting machine-the Thunder Master death car.

Test your skills in three levels of six conflicts ranging from guerillas to global war. The Thunder Master is equipped with a V-16 triple-turbo engine and tetra-nuclear propulsion missiles. A second player can activate the Thunder Cloud magnetic levitation unit and provide sandwiches.

$39.95. Titus, 20432 Corsico Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311. (818) 709-3693.

An Atari coin-op hit has returned to its roots. In Broderbund's Star Wars ($39.95), you'll take the part of Luke Skywalker as you pilot an X-Wing fighter through the trench in your quest to destroy the Empire's Death Star.

In Downhill Challenge ($29.95), a 3-D interactive ski racing simulation, you'll choose from downhill, slalom, giant slalom and jumping events, each of which has separate runs for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.

Color. Broderbund Software, 17 Paul Drive, San Rafael 94903-2101. (415) 392-3200.

Adapted from Jeffrey Archer's bestselling book, Not a Penny More, Not a Penny Less is now an interactive text software adventure in which you, Stephen Bradley, lead a team attempting to recover $1 million from a swindler. You'll breeze through Monte Carlo, London, Ascot, Wimbledon and Oxford as you track down the loot.

$39.95, color. Simon and Schuster, Western Plaza, New York, NY 10023. (212) 373-8882.

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