Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1988

Personal Pocket Calendar

Wallet-size appointment monthly. By Jim Hodny

Personal Pocket Calendar creates handy appointment calendars and datebooks that are just the right mini-size to carry around conveniently.

Personal Pocket Calendar creates a pocket-size 4.5 x 5 inch monthly calendar and diary that will remind you of two appointments for each day of the month. Your reminder notes can be viewed, changed or deleted whenever you wish. Entire monthly calendars and notes can be stored on disk, reloaded, viewed onscreen, or printed on just about any Epson-compatible printer.

After you print a mini-calendar, it can be cut out and carried in a wallet or purse. On the calendar grid, you'll see each appointment or memo marked with an asterisk (*) on the date square. The complete memos or appointment notes are compactly printed alongside the calendar. (If you enjoy the convenience of Personal Pocket Calendar, you'll probably also like Appointment Calendar, a January 1986 Antic program that prints full-page monthly calendars showing your appointment notes inside the day squares. -ANTIC ED)

Type in Listing 1, APNTCAL.BAS, check it with TYPO II and SAVE a copy before you RUN it.


If you have a printer other than an Epson or compatible, you may need to change lines 860, 880, 890, 910, 920, and 960 (which turns double-wide printing on, then off) to your own printer's codes for these functions. The program contains REMarks explaining which printer function must be changed on each of the above lines. Your printer manual should show the function codes you need.

The main menu has eight selections. Normally you'd get started by pressing the [1] key to select "Create A New Calendar." At the question "Create calendar for what month?" you type a number between 1 and 12, representing your choice from January (1) to December (12). If the number of the month you select has one digit, you must press the [RETURN] key-but this is not necessary if it's a two-digit number.

At the Year prompt, enter a four-digit year, such as 1988. The message "Creating calendar-please wait" will appear. When the main menu reappears, press [6] to display the chosen month. Then press any key to continue.

Press [4] to save the present calendar to disk and you'll see the words "Saving calendar." When the main menu reappears, press [7] to see that the calendar has been saved to disk and also how many more calendars can be saved to that disk. Then press any key to continue.

sample printout of an Antic production calendar


To create or edit memos, press [3]. At the question 'Appointment for which date?" type any number up to the number of days in that month. At the "Enter appointment/memo" prompt, type any amount of characters up to the limit that fits in the boxed area. Then press [RETURN] and you'll be back at the date prompt. If you type the same date as before, you'll see your current appointment/memo displayed. Type in a second note and press [RETURN].

The date question will appear again, so type the same date. Now you will see both previous appointments/memos. You can only enter two appointments. So if you now type a third one, you will be prompted to select which of the earlier notes to replace. Or you can press [ESC] to go to the main menu. Press [CONTROL] [CLEAR] to delete the contents of the current box and try it again. You will be prompted to press [RETURN] when you are done.

Press [6]. Your calendar will be displayed with two asterisks in the date that you chose previously. Press any key to continue.

With your printer turned on, press [5]. The calendar will now be printed with the appointments and memos you listed.

Press [8] to exit the program. You'll be asked if you want to save your current calendar. Since you made some changes to the previously saved calendar, press [Y]. This prompt will also appear when you choose to create or load another calendar with main menu selections [2] and [3].

Jim Hodny is an elementary school principal from Newfolden, Minnesota. He has owned Atari computers since 1982 and is making his first appearance in Antic.

Listing 1: APNTCAL.BAS Download