Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1988



We are desperate to find the Power Pad, an extra-large graphics tablet for the 8-bit Atari. Chalk Board Inc., the maker, is now apparently out of business. If any of your readers have Power Pad sources, please write to the I/O Board.

Greg Brown, President
Nittany Atari PC


DefaultWriter Plus (Antic, July 1988, page 60) runs as published. The instructions are complete, but step 4 was mislabeled as Step 5.


The magazine instructions for the King Keno Super Disk Bonus (July 1988, page 7) didn't mention that after copying KENO.EXE to another disk, you must rename it AUTORUN.SYS before it will automatically load and run. The instructions on the disk are complete.


Big Letters (March 1988, page 40) runs as published. The program take-apart refers to an older version of the program.

The take-apart should read:

Line 50 executes the introductory display routine starting at line 1330, where mode 1 or 2 is selected, then executes the appropriate editing window starting at line 530.
Lines 130-520 accept and process all keyboard activity and displays the editing windows.
Lines 530-540 initialize our strings.
Lines 550-880 set up editing windows.
Lines 1180-1182 change all double quote characters to inverse-video.
Lines 1185-1210 append all text in the editing window to the end of the program in the form of program statements.
Lines 1290-1470 contain the introductory dispiay routine.

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