Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1988


Nat FriedlandAtari owners like you-both 8-bit and ST-have often tended to be mavericks in the personal computer world. Atarians act on the evidence of your own experiences and are .not quick to go along with prevalent opinions just because it's mentally comfortable to be part of a crowd.

For thousands of Antic readers, your Atari can still fill all your real-world personal computer demands. You just need fairly priced software and peripherals that keep up with the leading edge of the market. And you need reliable information sources to point out the available choices and help you choose what's best for you. That's where Antic continues to lead the way after more than six years.

For example, this issue's cover-story is an in-depth review of Video Title Shop- software that makes it easy to combine flashy text special-effects with either your personal videotapes or your animated computer graphics sequences. Video Title Shop opens up a whole new area for creative 8-bit Atari computing.

Many of the recent Antic issues have also featured cover-stories about new 8-bit products which open up previously untapped computing areas for the Atari. In April it was the Virtuoso Desktop Performance Studio, which powerfully combines graphics, music and text for vivid animated presentations. Atari's speedy new 1200 baud modem and the impressive Atari XF551 disk drive were spotlighted in June.

The July Antic premiered Newsroom page designer software-which was released for the 8-bit Atari only because of reader participation in Antic's successful write-in campaign. Then just last month we introduced the PowerManager X-10 software that for the first time lets the 8-bit Atari automate your household electronics.

Coming next month are multiple 8-bit major firsts! Featured are reviews of Innovative Concepts' under-$80 picture scanner plus ICD's new 8-bit/ST hard disk. And Matt Ratcliff has created the first type-in graphics slide show program utilizing the full 80-column display of the Atari XEP-80.

The point is that significant new products for the 8-bit Atari are still coming through regularly. And Antic Magazine is where you can depend on finding the latest in-depth Atari product information every month!


You can also depend on Antic Magazine and Disk to provide you with outstanding collections of useful and entertaining software-for only a few dollars each month. In this issue, some of the valuable 8-bit programs you'll find are: Class Scheduler, which helps you overcome many of the worst college registration hassles; Player/Missile Graphics Studio, a high-powered software tool for game designers and animators; and Color Vision Booster, a challenging game that actually improves your color perception.

Especially now that Antic Disk prices are slashed to just $59.95 for a 12-issue disk/magazine subscription or $5.95 for a single monthly disk, Antic Disk Desk orders are taking off. Atarians recognize that Antic's ready-to-use disk software, plus the magazine's parade of current product news, is the best deal ever offered for solid Atari programs and information.

If you want to get the most out of your investment in an Atari computer, then every month you need Antic-disk plus magazine!

Nat Friedland
Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic