Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1988

ST New Products

By Gregg Pearlman, Antic Assstant Editor

The Atari ST Book is 17 chapters of "Tips, Instructions, Secrets and Hints for the 520, 1040 and Mega STs." The information is aimed at the ST user rather than the programmer-which isn't to say that the programmer won't get something out of it also. Subjects covered include item selector and desktop tricks, printer suggestions, comparisons of word processors, RAMdisks, file management and more.

$16.95. Index Legalis, P.O. Box 1822-5, Fairfield, IA 52556. (515) 472-2293.

Superbase Professional adds many powerful new features to the original Superbase ST database (preferred in-house by most of the Antic staff). This upgraded software is now a full applications generator with VAR marketing potential. It includes a forms editor, text editor and database management language.

The forms editor works like a mini desktop publisher to let you create fully relational, multi-page screen forms, complete with cross-file validation, calculation and data checking, and you can also include DEGAS and NEOchrome pictures. The text editor lets you integrate external ASCII text blocks of any size into your database and you can search on key words and patterns.

The database management language can automate all of Superbase's regular operations and lets you customize the entire interface, from screen appearance to pull-down menus. Superbase's report generator performs multi-file relational searches and turns your work into presentation-quality reports.

$299. Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc., 464 Kalamath Street, Denver, CO 80204. (303) 825-4144.

Heroes of the Lance is SSI's first ST product for the new Advanced Dungeons & Dragons line. Heroes is an action-packed, single-player, joystick-controlled game in which you'll control eight characters.

$39.95. Strategic Simulations, Inc., 1046 N. Rengstorff Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043. (415) 964-1353.

Just a game machine? Never! K-Scope lets you use your ST as an audio frequency oscilloscope. K-Spect tums it into a low-frequency, dual-channel spectrum analyzer.

Both products use a cartridge that plugs into the ST, plus relevant software. Both software packages utilize GEM, so the various settings are easy to adjust. The K-Spect software is available separately to K-Scope owners for about $170.

About $285 in British pounds. Kuma Computers Ltd., 12 Horseshoe Park, Pangbourne, Berkshire RG8 7JW. 07357-4335.

If you solve the crimes on a luxury liner called the S.S. Bourgogne in a computer game, you'll win a very real $10,000- part of a total of $500,000 being given away as part of a promotion for Murder on the Atlantic by IntraCorp. You'll be whisked back to 1938 as you explore the ship's 600 salons and staterooms and look for clues, messages-and booby traps. You'll have to track down all 40 suspects and take their statements.

Luckily you'll be given over 60 clues and 16 questions, including: What is the significance of the button and the paper clip? Who was the woman at the casino? Who kidnapped Wilhelm Reimann? And who killed Rene Vallette anyway?

In addition to the $10,000 grand prize, 2,500 more sleuths will each win IntraCorp software gift certificates of up to $200

$39.95. lntraCorp Inc., 14160 S.W. 139th Court, Miami, FL 33186. (305) 252-9040.

LDW Power is a spreadsheet with about 300 commands and 80 functions. Its macro recorder "records" actual keystrokes in creating macros, and it lets you work on four worksheet windows and a graph window all at once.

Power features a Lotus 1-2-3 (Release 2) environment that lets you transfer files between Lotus and Power, as well as a sideways printing function and sophisticated graphing capabilities.

$149.95. Logical Design Works, Inc., 780 Montague Expressway, #403, San Jose, CA 95131. (408) 435-1445.

DynaCADD is a 2-D and true 3-D CADD package for electrical, mechanical, architectural and other applications. It reads and writes industry-standard DXF and DFX Entity file formats and is compatible with ISD's upcoming Calamus desktop publishing system.

The easy-to-use DynaCADD features context-sensitive online documentation and a full-featured graphic interface, as well as commands designed specifically to cut down on editing time. By changing a 3-D object in any view of any drawing, DynaCADD reflects the changes in all orthographic projections-and it updates all drawings on file.

DynaCADD's nine zoom modes allow magnifications by a factor of up to one million. You can zoom in or out, even on a 3-D view, scroll around a page, rotate a 3-D view to a predefined coordinate plane and overlay other programs from within DynaCADD.

$695. ISD Marketing, Inc., 2651 John Street, Unit #3, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 2W5. (416) 479-1880.

Lords of Conquest ($19.95) is kind of a computer version of Parker Brothers' Risk. Up to four players vie for territory and supplies in a game that could take between 20 minutes and several hours. The 8-bit version of Lords was reviewed in the May, 1987 issue of Antic.

Computer Scrabble ($39.95) is the computer version of the well-known board game-but it has four difficulty levels and it's smart. Just as in the real game, you'll try to place as many Q's and X's as possible, but the software won't accept misspelled or otherwise incorrect words (so don't try spelling "library" with one R again). Up to four players can play-although one wonders how they manage to keep their letters hidden from each other.

Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404. (415) 571-5771.

New ST product notices are compiled from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the product.