Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 12 / APRIL 1989


The following letter from a concerned Antic reader in Alaska says it all:

			MAY 1986	NOVEMBER 1988
Advertisers             69	        19
Pages 	           	146		80
I/O & HELP Items 	11              7
Type-In Listings        10              6
Cover Price             $3.50  	        $3.95
Disk Subscription       $99.95	        $59.95                                                                   
Antic quality remains good, but I worry. Reduced size is not all explained by eliminating ST coverage. Good luck,

Ken S.
Anchorage, Alaska

The Atari community also knows very well that Antic Magazine remains one of the prime sources of dependable support for the 8-bit line. In recent months, Antic greatly expanded the 8-bit Arcade Catalog of hard-to-find software and also established a complete index/library of back issues on CompuServe's ANTIC ONLINE. While others may drop out of the Atari 8-bit market, Antic is still finding new ways to serve your needs.

Antic is a business venture that must continue to pay for itself, and we now rely almost exclusively on the support of readers like you--serious Atari 8-bit users who see no reason to abandon your investment in the best 64K personal computer ever made.

Sure, lower advertising revenues have forced reduction in the size of Antic Magazine (although most of the pages cut were ads anyway, not editorial). But each month, both sides of the Antic Disk continue to be packed as full as ever. In fact, the monthly Antic Disk is a better value than ever before-- because hobbyist programming for the Atari 8-bit has become much more sophisticated, requiring listings that are far too large and tricky to be printed as type-ins.


Antic's bank of accepted programs waiting for publication is now filled with outstanding professional-quality Super Disk Bonus titles that you'll be getting in coming months. These major programs include a powerful new desktop publisher, an advanced chemistry tutor, a smart RAMdisk handler a Player/Missile designer in assembly language, a screen printer for Lode Runner, an I-Ching oracle and some of the hottest assembly language games you've ever seen.

So subscribe now to the Antic Magazine/Disk combination! It's the most important $59.95 you can spend to keep Antic-and your trusty 8-bit Atari-- working for you.

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic