Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 7, NO. 1 / MAY 1988

Product Review

Patriot 2400E MODEM

As modem prices continue to drop, combination 300/1200/2400 baud modems are fast becoming widely affordable. My Patriot 2400E is such a new model that my serial number is in the low 200s. The Patriot 2400E is a "Made in the USA" external smart modem made by Anchor. It comes with an external power supply, phone cord and input/output connector, owner's manual, two-year limited warranty, and subscription packages for CompuServe, The Source and GEnie worth up to $75. Owners of 8-bit Ataris will need an interface like ICD's P:R: Connection or the old Atari 850 to use the Patriot 2400E. However, ST owners can simply connect this modem to their RS-232 ports.

The Patriot 2400E utilitzes the standard AT command set, which includes commands for controlling the internal "S" registers. You can modify operating parameters and store desired conditions in resident non-volatile memory, allowing automatic reconfiguration whenever you turn on the modem.

The modem circuitry is housed in an attractive tan and brown case with a speaker, volume control and a full complement of status lights. The speaker can be controlled with either the AT command or an external knob. The top panel reveals a set of DIP switches for making the modem work with your particular terminal program. I didn't have to change any DIP switches, but I did change one S register to make the modem work correctly with 850 Express!.

The modem supports U.S. and U.K. pulse dial timing, pulse and tone dial (even mixed pulse and tone), pause, wait for dial tone, wait for quiet answer, flash hook, stored number dialing, auto-answer, and autodial. Also included are English and numeric result codes that tell you what the modem is doing, and an Escape mode that lets you reconfigure the modem while online with another computer.

The 41-page owner's manual is comprehensive and thorough, and it includes a handy command reference sheet. The well-documented self-test operations make it easy to troubleshoot any problems. The only thing the manual lacks is a customer service phone number.

With prices that compete with the 1200 baud modems, plus many standard features, I highly recommend the Patriot 2400E.--GLENN SMITH

$189. Anchor Automation, Inc., 20675 Bahama Street, Chatsworth, CA 91311. (818) 998-6100.