Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 9 / JANUARY 1988

Mighty Mailer

Address Book

More uses for your Atari mailing labels


Now Antic's popular September, 1987 mailing-list program can be expanded to make complete address books with this brief, inventive enhancement. The BASIC program runs on all 8-bit Atari computers of any memory size. A disk drive and the original Mighty Mailer program are required.

I was looking for an easy-to-use address book program, and when I saw Mighty Mailer (Antic, September 1987) I was delighted. I realized that I could convert this mailing list processor into a full-featured address book by making just a few minor modifications to Dr. Philip Bates program.

My 8-bit Atari now prints complete address books which I can effortlessly update. And each entry can hold as much information as I want.

My program changes don't affect any of the powerful mailing-list features of the original program. But now you can also use Mighty Mailer for valuable address book data such as telephone numbers, comments, or extra keywords to sort on. Printing of a line in your address list can be turned on or off-just begin that line with an "at" sign (@). These marked lines work somewhat like REM comments in a program listing.

I added a third printing option to Mighty Mailer. The choices now are:

   A-Print addressee on letter

   F-Print envelopes

   T-Print addressee and @ data

   The T option prints the additional data. The original A and F options have been altered to stop printing the current entry when they encounter a @.

Type in Listing 1, MAILER LST, check it with TYPO II and LIST a copy to disk. To add this modification to the Mighty Mailer program, simply LOAD the original September, 1987 listing, MAILLIST.BAS, and ENTER your new MAILER.LST file. Finally SAVE a copy of the combined program before you RUN it.

Bob Klemenc of Cleveland Heights, Ohio sent this short, powerful patch to the the I/O Board.

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