Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 8 / DECEMBER 1987

I/O Board


I'm just a smalltime operator working out of my house. Since I first placed my Antic Classified Ad in March, 1987 I have had almost 100 requests for information concerning the product I sell. Only three of these responses came from my home state. So without Antic Classifieds I would have quite a small mailing list. The chance to reach more than 100,000 people at such an affordable cost is a blessing for me.

Rodney Haun
Computers As Tutor
Mt. Zion, IL


Football Predictor author Bill Marquardt (October, 1987) says he forgot to mention that if the program crashes due to improper keystrokes, you can often recover your latest data by simply typing GOTO 1200.


After writing to a file using "PRINT #X, A$", I use "INPUT #X,A$" to get the data back. What I have been getting, however, is A$ with the data beginning at A$(11) -- the first 10 bytes of A$ are blank. This is particularly annoying if A$ is DIMensioned to a figure too small to retrieve all of the data. None of my reference books seem to have a solution for this problem.

Steven Shafer
Edwards AFB, CA

A comma in a PRINT statement means "Skip 10 spaces, then print." You should use a semicolon: "PRINT #X;A$". -- ANTIC ED


V-Graph (Antic, November 1986) does work with Broderbund's SynCalc spreadsheet. It's not a reprogramming patch -- just change a few global values within SynCalc. Change cell width to 11 by tyying /FGW11 or by going to the proper menu. Right-justify with /FGR and disable the headines with /H. Also, save each column as text (/LST, range and filename) and don't forget to use the .TXT extender when loading it into V-Graph. Just remember that text files can't be loaded back into SynCalc, so it's a good idea to make backups of information you might need to change.

Jeremy Price
Hillsdale, NY



Antic Spelling Checker (Super Disk Bonus, October 1987) locks up occasionally. But the problem is not with the Spelling Checker itself. The trouble lies in the 5-sector add on file, DICTION.1 a starter dictionary with 116 commonly used words. You don't need this dictionary to use the Checker.

A properly working DICTION.1 will be found on the December 1987 Antic Disk. Or you can download it from SIG*Atari on CompuServe, in the 8-bit General Data Library.


An incorrect phone number was given for VlP Technologies in a review of VIP Professional spreadsheet in the Fall 1987 START. All questions about VIP Professional should be directed to ISD Marketing, Inc., P.O. Box 3070, Markham Industrial Park, Markham, Ontario, Canada L3R 6G4. (416) 479-1880.

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