Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 8 / DECEMBER 1987


We had a two-inch-high pile of reader letters within just a few weeks after Antic's June, 1987 editorial calling for write-ins to make Springboard release an 8-bit Atari version of their successful Newsroom page designer software.

At the June Consumer Electronics Show in Chicago, Springboard president John Paulson and I recognized each other's nametags and he said, "Okay, I give up, Springboard will convert Newsroom for the Atari 8-bit."

So just as you did during the 1985 "We Want Software" write-in campaign, Antic readers have again made a difference in the Atari marketplace. At deadline, Springboard told Antic that the Atari Newsroom would be ready by October, 1987.

Antic welcomes Springboard software to the Atari market and we hope that their Newsroom conversion earns a hearty reception from 8-bit buyers. However no computer market stands still. The ultimate success of Newsroom with Atarians will depend on how effectively Springboard delivers "power without the price" in terms of harnessing the Atari's graphic strengths.

In fact, this sixth annual holiday issue of Antic impressively demonstrates the resourcefulness, imagination and tenacity of committed Atari users when they seek to fill gaps in available software for their computers.

At this time of year, Atarians want to use their computers for printing festive pages that combine words and pictures. And in these pages you'll find a major teaching article, reviews and several type-in programs that make it possible for you to use Broderbund's popular Print Shop in powerful new ways never conceived by the program's publishers.

This holiday printing issue of Antic also features a review of Reeve's News Station and the brand-new News Station Companion--two products that combine into a mighty rival for Newsroom. And don't miss the review of Hi Tech's AwardWare, a strong competitor of Springboard's Certificate Maker that sells for only $14.95.

In addition, this issue's Super Disk-Only Bonus, Antic Publisher, is a starter desktop publishing program that gives you some of the key capabilities of Print Shop and Newsroom--for only $5.95, along with all the other print-enhancing programs in the issue. And one of the sample typefaces given with Antic Publisher is an authentic Hebrew alphabet designed by the program's Israeli author. How's that for the ecumenical holiday spirit?

All this only scratches the surface of what Antic offers Atari users this month. For both the ST and the 8-bits, Morse Code Trainer by Patrick Bass teaches you the useful skill of recognizing dot-dash comnlunications. We'll see you in the January issue for the Sixth Annual Shoppers Guide, compiling the best products for 8-bit Atari.


As this issue went to press, Atari just announced that it was buying the Federated electronics chain for $67 million. Federated is an aggressive high-volume retailer with 65 stores in California, Arizona, Texas and Kansas.

Is Atari taking the first step towards controlling its own retail outlets the way Tandy does with Radio Shack? Could be. But right now the ever-unpredictable Jack Tramiel says he is more actively seeking to buy Atari its own microchip factory.

Nat Friedland
Editor, Antic