Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1987


ST New Products

By Gregg Pearlman, Antic Assistant Editor


M/CADD is the first system to offer a complete, integrated solution from 3-D preliminary design through Z-D detail drawings. The program consists of two user-configurable packages, JIL-Comp and JIL-Mod, and lets you do 3-D wireframe modeling as well as 2-D drafting. JIL-Comp and JIL-Mod ate linked through an associative database that lets you make the 3-D changes and have them reflected in 2-D.

$299.95, monochrome. Migraph, 720 South 333rd Street, Suite 201, Federal Way, WA 98003. (206) 838-4677. PRESS


Fully GEM-compatible, 1ST Word Plus has pull-down menus and up to four concurrent text windows, as well as a 500-words-per-second spelling checker with a 40,000-word dictionary-and you can spell-check as you type. The new version of 1st Word also has a full-function mail merge system, WYSIWYG onscreen print styles, centered and left- and right-justified text, sophisticated search-and-replace functions, multi-column output and a foomote facility. You can also do block cut-and-pastes, either within a single document or from one window to another.

The playing area is modeled after an enclosed city with over 4000 locations. Hidden behind its labyrin-thine walls and secret passages are shops, inns, taverns, smithies, and banks. Here you can purchase equipment, get a job or invest in savings accounts. Hidden away more deeply are the various guilds where you can increase your character trait levels and be trained in the arts of magic. Mapping the city is vital to unravelling its secrets and a starting map guide is included in the game documentation. Be sure to purchase a compass early on in the game or you will quickly become hopelessly lost. In your travels you will find locations that you cannot enter without a future scenario disk (entrances to the dungeon, palace, arena, etc). Mark them well on your map--they will be important as the series progresses!

$99.50. Electronic Distribution, 8 Green Street, Willingham, Cambridgeshire CB4 5JA, England. 011-44-954-61258. FINAL.


Infocom’s Plundered Hearts could be an interactive gothic romance novel for your ST.Coming to life will be your wildest fantasies (within reason, of course ) as you set sail for the West Indies on a 17th century schooner so you can take care of your ailing father. Romance and danger: it’s all yours.

$39.95. Infocom, Inc., 125 CambridgePark Drive, Cambridge, MA 02140. (617) 492-6000. PRESS.


LOGiSTiK Senior ($149.95) and LOGiSTiK Junior ($99.95) integrate project management and database functions into a spreadsheet environment. LOGiSTiK Senior uses presentation-quality graphics, but both versions let you compute the critical path of a project, specify scheduling constraints, and produce Gantt charts, resource histograms and project calendars. You can perform “What-If’ and logical operations easily and get a true, colorful picture of your project’s progress-in time units tanging from half-hours to years. The 1024 x 2048 spreadsheet reads files from most ST database packages. LOGiSTiK Senior’s graphics program produces more than 20 graph types.

Progressive Peripherals & Software, Inc., 464 Kalamath Street, Denver, CO 80204. (303) 825-4144. FINAL.


Experience the feel of driving several of the world’s top sports cars, from a Ferrari Testarosa to a Lamborghini Countach to a lotus Esprit Turbo. Each car’s acceleration, braking, top speed, etc., is true to form. Test Drive displays the interior of the car and the road from the viewpoint of the driver-once inside, you’ll see an actual rendition of the dashboard with an inset for the gearshift knob.

The object is to travel over different parts of the highway within a certain time limit. Periodically you’ll check in, see how you’re doing, get a map and head out again -if you’re under your time limit. Standing in your way will be slow or oncoming traffic, falling rocks-and Smokey, of course. A speeding ticket means curtains, so drive carefully.

$44.95. Accolade, 20813 Stevens Creek Blvd., Cupertino, CA 95014. (408) 446-5757. PRESS.


The ST version of Electronic Arts’ Music Construction Set is now available for beginning and intermediate musicians. You can compose, play and print music In fact, there are three different ways to enter notes: you can point to the desired note on the onscreen palette and click it into place on the score; you can click on the onscreen keyboard; or you can just play notes on a MIDI instrument connected to the ST. (Music Construction Set has MIDI In and MIDI Out features, as well as a “Jukebox” play mode and waveform editing, so you can create your own instruments.)

Complete music notation is at your fingertips: whole to thirty-second notes and tests, dotted notes, ties, triplets and quintuplets-add sharps, flats or naturals, or move the notes up or down an octave. You can use six time signatures and any key signature, transpose notes up or down, copy, cut-and-paste, and adjust tempo between 56 to 208 beats per minute, as well as printing sheet music on any ST-compatible graphics printer. The Music Construction Set also plays three voices at once, chosen from 16 preprogrammed instruments.

$39.95. Electronic Arts, 1820 Gateway Drive, San Mateo, CA 94404. (415) 571-7171. PRESS.

New ST product notices are compiled from information pmvided by the products' manufacturers. Antic assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the product. Each mention is followed by a code word indicating that, at press time, Antic had seen a FINAL marketable version, near-final BETA, earlier ALPHA, incomplete DEMO, or PRESS release.