Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1987

I/O Board


With its Super Disk Bonus, Antic’s disk edition is a real bargain at any price-especially at the new newsstand price of $9.95. I was especially pleased to find that the disk bonus, Antic Writer, provided a worthy competitor to my favorite word processor-also a relatively short, fast machine language program, but lacking the right-justification of Antic Writer. Now I have the best of both worlds. Thanks again for Antic Writer.

H.J. Woods
Reno, NV


Now that Electronic Arts has taken over Batteries Included, I hope they'll continue debugging the PaperClip word processor. One bug that has never been fixed is the block delete function, which does weird things if you use it more than once or twice. Version 2.0 for the 130XE has a distressing new bug. Sometimes it produces strange characters when printing, or there's nothing in the buffer when I do a Print Preview.

I see that the August, 1987 issue of Antic had a letter recommending the Epson FX-80 printer driver for AtariWriter Plus and the Star NL-10. I've tried PaperClip's FX-80 with my NX-10, and it works fairly well except that it has emphasized print as a default. Also, the PaperClip symbol for right-justification of a line makes the printer type one line per page.

Sue Tempey
Mountain View, CA

Antic has had reasonable success with the Star SG-10 driver on the PaperClip disk, but we had to modify the file. Here's how: From the DOS menu, binary-load (Option L) PRTR.COM, the printer driver construction program. At the "Do you wish to modify an existing file" prompt, press [Y]. At the prompts, enter the control codes from your printer manual. You'll probably have to experiment a little before getting exactly the results you want.-ANTIC ED


I can't tell you how pleased I am that your monthly programs are now available on-line. I thought that if you ever put programs on CompuServe, you'd charge a sigh-up fee or a surcharge, but, thankfully, you've chosen not to. In the past, I've picked up a few copies of Antic a year, but with all the programs that will be available, I'm considering subscribing. In any case I'll be reading Antic much more frequently now that I can read about one of your type-in programs and download it easily. Thanks!

Logan Rothstein
CompuServe I.D.

Lives For His XE

Our son, Nicholas, age 9, lives for his Atari 130XE and has been programming since he was four. When he was in kindergarten a visiting computer teacher said Nice was programming at a sixth-grade level, and tests he took at Arizona State University while in the first grade placed him above the 99th percentile for his age. Now he creates his own games and makes great animations and graphics. We're very proud of what he can do.

We probably should mention that Nick has albinism and is legally blind. Basically that means that he's light-sensitive and needs large print to read easily. But it's amazing how small the print can be when it's a computer program that he's reading. I know he'd be happy to get letters from other Atari users.

Cyndy Bensema
6525 N. 15th Avenue.
Phoenix, AZ 85015

PCS Address

Here are the address and phone number for PCS, featured in Maverick Atari School (Antic, October 1987); PCS School for Advanced Learning, Patrick McShane, Headmaster, 1020 W. Finch Drive, Nampa, ID 83651