Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1987

Hall of Fame

Attack on the Doomstar

Turbo update of the 1982 Antic classic

By David Plotkin, Antic Contributing Editor

If the force is with you, it may be possible for you to destroy the Doomstar, planet-crunching weapon of the evil Imperial Horde. Attack on the Doomstar requires an 8-bit Atari computer with at least 32K memory, disk or cassette.

Back in 1982, when Antic was gearing up to produce a second issue, the highest-grossing science-fiction adventure' film of all time was very much on people's minds. David Plotkin, a chemical engineer at Standard Oil, made his first sale to Antic with an 8- bit Atari adaptation of the climactic spaceship fight from this movie. Attack on the Doomstar also appeared in the Best of Antic Anthology book.

For this Hall of Fame encore, the program has been substantially rewritten by Antic Technical Editor Charles Jackson. Attack on the Doomstar now loads and plays faster, as well as being easier to type. We also changed the original title and storyline terminology a bit, due to a request made by representatives of the moviemakers when this game first appeared.


In your X-wing fighter, attack the enemy and protect the rebel base on your home planet from total destruction by that dreaaded artificial moon, the Doomstar. Your objective is to fly along a slot and destroy five radiation vents leading to the Doomstar's main reactor. If you succeed, the reactor will overheat and self-destruct the Doomstar.

To hit the green oval vents, line up your cursor aiming system. Use a joystick in port 1 and press the trigger button to fire. If you think this sounds easy, think again. The Doomstar has plenty of its own Imperial fighters, which attack one by one---and can`t be knocked out unless they are dead-center in your screen.

Zoom down that trench and save the universe from evil, May the force be with you!

David Plotkin is an Antic Contributing Editor and has published many programs and reviews here since his June 1982 Hall of Fame entry.

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