Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 3 / JULY 1987

Antic Writer

Full-featured professional word processor

Now for only $5.95--down from $10.95--you can get single copies of the Antic Monthly Disk. And each month's double-sided disk will feature an Xtended Disk Bonus not available in the magazine. Usually this bonus program will be software that's too long or complex to work as a type-in listing. Xtended Disk Bonus software may be for either the 8-bit Atari or the ST in any given month or sometimes even for both.

For our premiere Xtended Disk Bonus, Antic is proud to offer a professionally programmed full-fledged machine language word processor for any 8-bit Atari with minimum 48K memory--Antic Writer.

Developed by small commercial publisher, Antic Writer never quite made it all the way to being released in a crowded and competitive software marketplace. In a number of ways, Antic Writer is reminiscent of leading Atari word processors such as PaperClip and Word Magic. It certainly delivers the essential capabilities you'd expect from a professional word processor: block move, search and replace, block copy, headers, print formatting and so on.

Because it is written entirely in assembly language, Antic Writer is fast. You'll find that it can keep up with even the fastest typist and not lose any characters. Antic Writer is easy to operate and providcs extensive online help screens. We have also placed the Antic Writer manual on side 2 of the July Disk, along with the Antic Writer program itself. The manual is in two Antic Writer text files--ANT1.TXT and ANT2.TXT. Select option C from the DOS menu to "Copy" these files to P: (your Printer) or E: (onscreen Editor).

You'll find it a lot more convenient to work with Antic Writer if you copy it off the monthly disk and put it on a separate disk. To make your own Antic Writer disk, start with a disk which has been formatted with DOS 2 or 2.5 and has a DOS.SYS file on it. Next, copy ANTICWTR.EXE to this disk and rename it AUTORUN.SYS. Be sure to make a backup copy of this disk before you use it.

To start using Antic Writer, place your Antic Writer disk into your disk drive, remove all cartridges from your Atari (XL/XE owners should depress the [OPTION] key) and turn on your Atari.

Next month's Xtended Disk Bonus--a professionally programmed, full-featured database!

Special Note to Programmers: If you have high-quality software for the Atari 8-bit or ST that is too big or too complicated for a type-in listing, send it to Antic for possible paid publication as an Xtended Disk Bonus. Runtime versions of software in any programming language will be considered. If your program was once turned down here solely because it was too big or too hard to type, you can resubmit it for Xtended Disk Bonus consideration.

Executable: ANTICWTR.EXE Download

Manual 1: ANT1.TXT Download / View

Manual 2: ANT2.TXT Download / View

Listing; AWRITFIX.BAS Download