Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 12 / APRIL 1988

Super Disk Bonus

Four New Desktop Video Animations

By the Co-Author of Virtuoso

Antic's monthly Super Disk Bonus has delivered one great surprise after another and this month is no exception. To go along with the current issue's review of the exciting new Virtuoso graphics/music software, the disk has four exclusive new animation shows-complete with soundtrack-from Joseph Lyons, the former Juilliard professor who co-wrote Virtuoso.

You can view these lengthy and ambitious computer graphics extravaganzas without owning Virtuoso software. The April 1988 Super Disk Bonus also includes the Virtuoso Player Program-a 192-sector machine language program that is not part of the commercial product.

Virtuoso is written entirely in assembler, so this month's Super Disk Bonus consists of more than 350 sectors of high-powered machine language code. These bonus programs will run on any 8-bit Atari computer with at least 48K memory. See the HELP file on Side B of this month's disk for instructions on how to use the Super Bonus programs.

Your April 1988 Antic Disk-also featuring the new '87 IRS Tax Template as well as every other program in this issue-will be shipped to you within 24 hours after receiving your order. Just phone Toll-Free to the Antic Disk Desk at (800) 234-7001. The monthly disk is only $5.95 (plus $2 for shipping and handling) on your Visa or MasterCard. Or mail a $5.95 check (plus $2 shipping and handling) to Antic Disk Desk, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

Programmers: Antic wants to see your most ambitious programs, even those too large or complex for printing as a type-in listing. High-quality programs in any language that has a runtime version are now eligible for consideration as a Super Disk Bonus.

Virtuoso Super Bonus and the SynCalc 1987 Income Tax Template-
only $5.95 on the Antic Monthly Disk!