Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 12 / APRIL 1988

Publisher's Page

Three times as much Antic Software now on CompuServe

Marking three pioneering years as the premier online magazine on CompuServe, ANTIC ONLINE is opening two important new services for the convenience of Antic readers who want to get the hottest new software for Atari computers with minimum trouble, delay and expense.

Best-selling Antic Software products will now be available online for effortless delivery-either by instant electronic downloading or with the convenience of direct mail-order.

Selected Antic Software titles (both ST and 8-bit) from The Catalog can now be downloaded for immediate use via CompuServe's new Softex electronic sales and delivery system. You'll pay the same price for Antic Catalog Software delivered instantly on Softex that you would if you bought it through the mail or from a computer store. But Softex brings you the software right away- without postal delays and with all the convenience of shopping directly from your home.

Another large assortment of Antic Software packages can be now be ordered online for handy mail shipment from CompuServe's Electronic Mall. This mall selection features 8-bit and ST titles which require extensive documentation packages. Also joining the array of CompuServe's Electronic Mall merchandise are subscriptions to all our publications-Antic and START (disk or regular) plus Model Shopper.

When you use Softex, your online software purchases will simply be added to your monthly CompuServe bill. Your Electric Mall purchases and subscriptions will be fulfilled directly by Antic and charged to your credit card.

To use Softex: Type GO SOFTEX at any CompuServe "!" prompt. When the Softex menu appears, choose option 3, "Search SOFTEX Catalog." In the Search menu, choose option 3, "Publisher" and type ANTIC when you see the prompt, "Enter publisher name.

Softex will present a list of programs currently available for purchase. Items labeled ATARI8 are for 8-bit Atari computers. Those labeled ATARST are for the ST. If you need more help, choose selection 10 from ANTIC ONLINE's main menu.

By the way, this new availability of commercial Antic Software products online doesn't affect the ANTIC ONLINE Software Shelf which continues presenting eight recent Antic and START programs (8-bit and ST) each month-FREE for just the downloading time charges. In fact, no ongoing ANTIC ONLINE features have been cut back because of adding these new services.

Antic is proud to have pioneered in computer magazine online publishing with CompuServe for more than three years. Since January 1985, ANTIC ONLINE has been one of the most popular electronic magazines on CompuServe.

Now, with Antic joining CompuServe's Electronic Mall and the new Softex service, we're delighted to be able to serve our readers even better than before. And we look forward to pioneering many more new online service features with CompuServe in the years to come.

James Capparell
Publisher, Antic