Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 12 / APRIL 1988

April 8-Bit Games

Reviews: Infiltrator, Boulder Dash Construction Set


Whether you are an Atari newcomer or a veteran gamer, Boulder Dash Construction Kit will provide hours of entertainment. Of course, one expects all the hallmarks of a proven arcade wristbuster. The simple objectives, fast action and superb graphics make for hours of addictive play

Your goal is as direct as the greed on which it is based. Go mining for diamonds, racking up points for each gem. Avoid falling boulders and deadly fireflies as you navigate through a 15-screen sequence of the world's most dangerous caverns. Adding to the fun are magic walls, slime and other special items which combine to create caves where your survival will require thoughtful strategy as well as fast reflexes. The only sure thing is the number of diamonds you need to collect before you are released. Of course, you can always try to get more. Just don't become too greedy.

If this were the extent of the program, I would be comfortable recommending the package. Add a construction feature for designing and building custom mazes and you have a sure-fire winner. A simple design interface, similar to that used in a paint program, allows even the novice to quickly and easily create mazes to confound friends and relatives. And once you have created a few screens, they can be assembled in any order and stored sequentially for later play

Boulder Dash Construction Kit is available in both 8-bit and ST versions, and both feature the same great graphics and fast, non-stop action. Both versions must be rebooted to switch between the game and the construction programs. But this latest incarnation of the classic Boulder Dash should satisfy all customers.- STEVE PANAK

(The ST version of this software was reviewed in the previous issue.)

$24.95. Epyx, P.O. Box 8020, 600 Galveston Drive, Redwood City, CA 94063. (415) 366-0606.



Mindscape's Infiltrator is a combination of arcade air duel, flight simulator, maze game and graphic adventure. You-Johnny McGibbitts, ace pilot, neurosurgeon and all-around good guy-are given three missions against the "Mad Leader" You can save the game after completing a mission and start from that point next time.

The starting display shows your hands resting casually on the controls of your helicopter, the DHX-1 Whiz-bang "Snuffmaster." Direction, altitude and weapons are controlled by the joystick. You must use the keyboard to get off the ground and perform other tasks. Read your course from a 3-D map that shows your position and altitude.

As you fly towards the enemy base you will encounter other helicopters. Some are loyal to the Mad Leader and some are friendly. It is always best to try to fool the enemy into letting you pass. Do this by requesting their identification. They will respond and ask for yours. If you give the right password, you can move on unmolested. Of course, a few of them will attack you no matter what you do.

I find the dogfights in Infiltrator more of a challenge than in pure aerial combat games. A lot is going on at one time. Warning bells go off as missiles home in on you. You must shoot off chaff and flares to confuse the enemy's missiles as you try to maneuver him into your sights.

There is limited fuel for your trip to the enemy base. I lost almost as many games from running out of fuel as from getting shot down by enemy missiles. Crashing into the ground is also commonplace. You must watch your altitude and keep your wits about you at all times. It is easy to crash when you get distracted in the heat of battle.

You have four "Whizbang Waster" heat-seeking missiles and two rapid-fire cannons with unlimited ammunition. Firing opportunities aren't frequent, so take good advantage of them. Your missiles will home in on the target as long as it is in view.

You can shorten the time it takes to get to the enemy base by using the DHX-1's turbo-booster. Your current speed will double, but this consumes a lot of fuel. When you arrive at the base you must disembark after landing secretly with the chopper's "Whisper Mode." Now you must infiltrate the base on foot with the help of items provided for you or found on the base. There is a timer for this phase and you have five lives.

Throughout the compound, you will encounter guards loyal to the Mad Leader. As you did with the enemy choppers, you must fool them into believing you are one of the bad guys. You have papers which you show on demand. Sometimes they don't work, but you can still put doubting guards to sleep with your spray-can of sleeping gas. They won't remember anything when they wake up, but you better not be around to remind them.

The game instructions tell you to make a map of the enemy compound. This is a good idea, since there are many buildings, each with a number of rooms. Certain rooms hold items vital to the mission. As you advance through the game you will probably find, as I did, that you are using several maps.

Infiltrator comes in a simple package that includes a booklet of instructions and a quick-reference card. The instruction book is informative and humorous (your chopper comes with designer skids and stereo). The two main sections are the "Gizmo DHX-1 Owner's Flight Manual" and "The McGibbits Guide to Ground Installation Infiltration (Pocket Edition)." The quick-reference card gets you in the air and into the game fast.

Infiltrator will keep you happily busy for many hours, flying your chopper, deceiving the enemy and generally saving the world. I would recommend it for any dedicated computer gamer.-JOHN MANOR

$29.95, 48K disk. Mindscape, Inc., 3444 Dundee Road, Northbrook, IL 60062. (800) 221-9884.