Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 11 / MARCH 1988

New Products

New Products notices are compiled by theAnticstaff from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic welcomes such submissions, but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the Products listed.

(sound digitizer)
Covox Inc.
675 Conger Street
Eugene, OR 97402
(503) 342-1271
$39.95, 48K disk

Voice Master Junior, a lower-cost version of the original Covox Voice Master, is a self-contained, compact speech digitizer and voice recognition device that plugs into your 8-bit Atari's joystick port. Speech and other sounds are translated into computer memory which can be saved to disk--and incorporated into BASIC programs for playback without the Voice Master Junior attached. Up to 32 words or phrases can be used at once, with others accessible from disk.

(entertainmmt software)
Strategic Simulations, Inc.
1046 N. Rengstorff Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 964-1353
$39.95, 48K disk

Using the award-winning game system from Gettysburg: The Turning Point. Sons of Liberty re-creates the American Revolution battles of Bunker Hill, Saratoga and Monmouth. Changes to the system include more emphasis being placed on line and column movement, with 100-yard map squares used because of the limited firing range of muskets.

(entertainment software)
Firebird Licensees
71 North Franklin Turnpike
Waldwick, NJ 07463
(201) 444-5700
$24.95, 48K disk

Firebird Licensees, best known for The Pawn, are now shipping high-quality recreational software with broad appeal for computer gamers of all ages. Atari 8-bit titles so far are Silicon Dreams and Jewels of Darkness. Both cost $24.95--a price that belies the lavishly illustrated packaging.

Supra Corp.
1133 Commercial Way
Albany, OR 97321
(503) 967-9075
$219.95 including cables and software

The completely Hayes-compatible SupraModem 2400 modem supports asynchronous operation at 300, 1200 and 2400 baud and is about one-third the size of the Hayes SmartModem 2400. Simple commands let you create user configurations that can be stored in the modem's memory--and are loaded every time the modem is turned on or reset. Features include automatic answer/dial, two modular phone jacks for data line and telephone and a speaker.

(programming utilities)
Alpha Systems
1012 Skyland Drive
Macedonia, OH 44506
(216) 467-5665
$24.95 each, 48K disk

With the Basic Turbocharger book and disk, even a beginning programmer can put the speed, power and flexibility of machine language into BASIC programs. This book and disk package has 167 ready-to-run machine language routines, including scrolling, Player/Missile control, sorting and searching. Optional source codes disks cost $10 if purchased with the package, $15 if bought separately. Your Atari Comes Alive is a book of complete instructions, diagrams and control programs for such electronic devices as light pens, LED signs, alarm systems and environmental sensors. Graphics Transformer software lets you use almost any graphics screen with almost any graphics program. Combine pictures from different programs on one screen. For example, put Print Shop images into your Micro Illustrator drawings.

(language tutorial)
RAMX Software Co.
1647 Lilac Road
Ramona, CA 92065
$30, 48K disk

This two-disk package is for anyone who wants to learn all about Atari BASIC. The easy-to-use BASIC Tutorial has more than 30 screens of help and covers each BASIC function. Only four keys are pressed to run the program.

(serial interface)
Trans-M Corp.
28 Blacksmith Drive
Medfield, MA 02052
(617) 359-5144

The Universal RS232-RJ12 Connector is a simple, flexible solution for finding the right RS-232 serial connection between a printer and computer. Trans-M's RS-232 connection tester comes with enough different configurations to assure compatibility with at least 90% percent of available printers.

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