Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 10 / FEBRUARY 1988

Super Disk Bonus

By "Killer Chess" author, GREG KNAUSS


Two Fast-Moving ACTION! Games


If you think this issue's Killer Chess is your kind of imaginative, fast-response Atari game challenge, you'll also enjoy our February Super Disk Bonus-which consists of two additional clever games by the same author, Greg Knauss.

Frog and Reardoor, the bonus games, feature outstanding graphic imagery. They have strong, simple storylines and require fast thinking as well as fast eye-hand coordination. Frog has a nature scenario that kids are sure to like. Reardoor is a nerve-wracking space shoot-up where you must zap monsters at uncomfortably close quarters.

All of Knauss's games are written in ACTION!, the powerful 8-bit programming language by Optimized Systems Software. However, the machine language "run-time" versions of Frog and Reardoor-also Killer Chess-on this month's Antic Disk can be played on any 8-bit Atari computer without the OSS ACTION! cartridge. (Runtime listings are impossible to print in the magazine, due to their extreme length.)

For ACTION! programmers, the original source code of all three games is also on the monthly disk.

Frog gives you or your kids the chance to vicariously live the everyday life of this commonplace amphibian. You will see a frog sitting complacently on a lily pad while fat, black flies make their way back and forth above the pond. Use your joystick to jump the frog in any direction and press the trigger button to zap the frog's tongue way out for a fly feed.

Reardoor's setting is not unlike the Transporter Room on the Enterprise. Except instead of Kirk and Spock beaming up, you have marooned space colonists and vicious lizard-like aliens desperately trying to board your rescue spacecraft.

You'll see three closed airlock doors and the control panel. The three airlocks will open, revealing two colonists and one alien. The doors close again in an instant and whatever was standing in them will have entered the ship. You must prevent each alien from boarding, by firing the gun mounted in the airlock where the monster is lurking. You do this by pressing the key bearing the number of the doorway you want to clear out.

At higher difficulty levels, the aliens begin to realize that their friends are being blown to bits, so they don the spacesuits of dead humans-but the faceplates, belts and boots turn green. Eventually the ranks of aliens thin out and they occasionally let three humans enter the airlocks simultaneously.

However, if nine aliens succeed in boarding your spaceship, they'll (rather stupidly) enter the main reactor and destroy everything for the surrounding four or five miles.

Frog (FROG.EXE), Reardoor (REARDOOR.EXE) and an instruction file covering both games are on this month's Antic Disk. These runtime programs cannot be played directly from the monthly disk menu. For complete loading instructions, choose selection 5 on the Main Menu of Side B and read the game HELP manual.

Your February 1988 Antic Disk-featuring- all three ACTION! games in runtime as well as every program in this issue-will be shipped to you within 24 hours after receiving your order. Just phone Toll-Free to the Antic Disk Desk at (800) 234-7001. The monthly disk is only $5.95 (plus $2 for shipping and handling) on your Visa or MasterCard. Or mail a check for $5.95 (plus $2 shipping and handling) to Antic Disk Desk, 544 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

On Disk: FROG.ACT Download / View
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