Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 1 / MAY 1987



Treasure Mapping the New ANTIC ONLINE

GO ANT-2550 to download software,
GO ANT-11 to view pictures

Antic Online pictureANTIC ONLINE is back on the CompuServe Information Service, offering more features than ever, including:


We've completely redesigned and rebuilt ANTIC ONLINE so it's easier to use. Important news stories can now be added in hours. With more than two megabytes of Atari information, ANTIC ONLINE is the largest electronic magazine on CompuServe, North America's largest general information database.

To visit ANTIC ONLINE, simply type GO ANTIC at any exclamation point [!] prompt on CompuServe.


Now you can download software from ANTIC ONLINE. Every month, our Software Shelf offers eight new or classic programs from Antic Magazine. About half of the Software Shelf programs are for 8-bit Atari computer models (400, 800, XL, XE). The rest of the programs are for ST computers.

Download as many programs as you like. There's no extra charge to ANTIC ONLINE users for downloading the software. Full documentation is also available online. If you're a new user, the How To Download selection on the Software Shelf menu provides a step-by-step explanation of how to download your first program.

At the end of every month, the programs from the ANTIC ONLINE Software Shelf will be moved into the SIG * Atari data libraries for long-term availability to Atarians-and new programs will appear on ANTIC ONLINE. (Type GO SIGATARI to get to SIG * Atari from anywhere on CompuServe.)

NOTE: All Antic and START programs remain the copyrighted property of Antic Publishing and are not in the public domain. Programs placed on ANTIC ONLINE or SIG*Atari by Antic Publishing may not be reproduced in any manner or uploaded to electronic Bulletin Board Systems without written permission from Antic Publishing, Inc. CompuServe subscribers may download these programs solely for their own personal use.

To visit the Software Shelf, just select the "Software Shelf' menu option from either the ST Section or the XL*XE section of SIG * Atari. Or from anywhere on CompuServe, type GO ANT-25 50.


ANTIC ONLINE now offers RLE (Run Length Encoded) video graphics. These are two-color hi-res pictures that you can see now, while reading ANTIC ONLINE; you don't need any graphics software.

Each month we'll feature a new selection of RLE pictures. Some of the artwork will be by the Antic staff, other images will come from readers.

For the first time, you'll be able to read our on-the-spot news reports, then see them happening. Whenever possible, we'll create digitized photos of trade shows, new products and people in the news, and feature these in our RLE Art Gallery.

Use menu choice 6 from our top menu to get to the ANTIC ONLINE RLE art gallery, or from anywhere on CompuServe, type GO ANT-11


We want to know your opinions. Each month, our Online User Survey will ask you to comment on on new products, controversial topics in the industry, and much more.

Once a month, we'll post the survey results, and put up a new survey for you to try.

To take the survey, choose item nine from our MAILBOX section, or type GO ANT-2600 to get there directly.

By the way, if you have a question which you'd like us to include in a future survey, please send your idea to us through our MAILBOX section. We're eager to hear your suggestions!


Look for more consistent late-breaking Atari news. We've streamlined many procedures and made many technical improvements which now let ANTIC ONLINE offer significant news and timely features very quickly (usually within 24 hours).

This is because nearly all of ANTIC ONLINE's "behind-the-scenes" work is now being done in the Antic offices. We can add articles virtually as soon as they're written, re-arrange menus that become cluttered and personally do everything necessary to keep ANTIC ONLINE a timely, valuable service.

now offers the
Software Shelf
software, RLE
art and monthly
surveys; with
2Mb of infor-
mation, it's
largest elec-
tronic magazine


If you have comments, criticism, questions or suggestions, send it to us quickly through ANTIC ONLINE I/O Board. Your messages are read every day. Answers to questions of greatest interest will be included in our Replies Section or printed in the magazine.

Use The Mailbox menu choice to get to the I/O Board, or reach it directly by typing GO ANT-9 from anywhere on CompuServe.


If you're not already a CompuServe subscriber, obtain a starter kit from your local computer retailer. Or phone CompuServe at (800) 848-8990 for information about signing up. Ohio residents phone (614) 457-8650. There's no extra charge for ANTIC ONLINE, beyond CompuServe's standard connect fees.