Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 1 / MAY 1987

I/O Board


Thanks, Antic, for providing Reader Service cards that help us smaller advertisers reach seriously interested Atari owners with more detailed product information-possibly saving your readers many long-distance calls.

However, please let your readers know that the time lag between mailing the response card and receiving a response from the manufacturer may take well over a month. Impatient readers often circle an item several times in consecutive months for the same ad. Worse, that person might circle this item in other magazines as well. Repeatedly requesting the same information slows down the process and is unnecessarily costly. By using Reader Service Cards wisely, you can help the manufacturer cut back on expenses and keep software prices down for everybody.

Randy Constan
Elfin Magic Software
ID 73637,317


A number of Antic readers responded to the February, 1987 I/O Board and 8-bit New Products mentions of the U-Print printer interface from Digital Devices, Inc. There doesn't seem to be a Digital Devices, Inc. anymore. Their number has been disconnected and there's no referral.

However, we have learned that Supra Corp. now owns the rights to the U-Print. Although they have not yet marketed it, they will repair individual units for $20. Supra is at 1133 Commercial Way, Albany, OR 97321. (503) 967-9075 -ANTIC ED


I set up a short program using SynFile+ for accounts receivable on my Atari 800. To conserve memory, I used only the DATE field as an index. After booting SynFile+, I tried loading my file. Time after time I got an error in either the TBL, DOl or .IDX.

When I called Broderbund, their patient, helpful tech support people informed me of a little-known bug in the DATE field. If it's the only field used, it should be designated as a TEXT field, not a DATE field.

Mike Collins
New Lenox, IL


My compliments on your article about WAACE (Antic, February 1987). However, one small error crept in. FACE (Frederick Atari Computer Enthusiasts) is located in Frederick, Maryland-not Virginia, as stated in the article.
Mike Kerwin
President, FACE


Is there any way for me to translate the DUP.SYS menu and everything that goes with it into French?
Clement Carbonneau
Quebec, Canada
With a little effort, yes. You'll need a sector editing program that can read and write directly to disk. You can use Sherlock 1050 if you own an Atari 1050 disk drive, or Disk Scanner for other drives. Either program is $19.95 from The Catalog.
Make a disk with only DOS on it and locate the sectors containing the text that appears on the screen. Replace the English words with the French equivalents, being sure to take up the same number of characters-ANTIC ED