Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 6, NO. 1 / MAY 1987



When you try to replay Castle (Antic, October 1986) a second time, two of the parallelograms are drawn incorrectly and an Error 141 occurs. This problem can be corrected by adding the following line:

235 PA=0

Rose Mary Goleeke
Columbus, OH


If your Quatro game (February 1987) has a skewed playing screen and your joystick doesn't position the playing tiles properly, insert these lines:

15 POKE 559,0
90 POKE 539,34:RESTORE

Remember to SAVE a copy of the corrected program before you RUN it.


I have a problem with Electric Charlie! from the February, 1987 issue. When l enter a program with an error in it and then engage Charlie!, I receive an unknown error message with a code of zero and the correct line number. However, it works perfectly when I have a TRAP statement in my program. My computer is an 800XL upgraded to 256K. What is wrong?
Bill Zink

A TRAP statement is required somewhere in your program for Charlie! to do his thing. Our accompanying article should have specified this more clearly


Your chart in the February, 1987 article Word Processors: 7 for the 8-bit shows that LJK's Letter Perfect has a maximum file space of 64.1K on the 130XE. However, when I called LJK, they said there is no special version of Letter Perfect, nor do they plan to create one. What did you mean in your chart?
Dan Hite
La Palma, CA

In the row labeled "Extra XE File Size," the entries "Uses RAMdisk "and "64.1K" each should have been moved one column to the left. That is, First XLEnt, not PaperClip, uses the RAMdisk. PaperClip, not Letter Perfect, has that 64.1K maximum file size-ANTIC ED


A couple of wrong years somehow got into Today's Atari Corp. (March 1986). The Jack Tramiel team took over Atari in June 1984 and held their first press conference in November 1984.

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