Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 7 / NOVEMBER 1986



For some dates, Micro Julius (June, 1986) has been found guilty of putting in the wrong day of the week. To cure this, type in the following one-line fix:

WF 830 DIF=(DOW-D)/7:DIF=2*


Disk owners should load File Master (August, 1986) from DOS and copy the program to another disk. It does not RUN properly from the monthly disk menu.

To repeat last month's fix for File Master: If you have the lockup problem that occurs under some combinations of DOSs and disk drives, change the 100 in line 2625 to a 90.


As we went to press, Antic learned that Radio Shack is in the process of discontinuing the XR2211 chip specified for the WEFAX interface board. (September, 1986) Equivalent chips can be found at other large electronics suppliers.

We also have new information for those WEFAX readers interested in obtaining the NAFAX (national facsimile circuit) telephone weather service:

Don't call the number given in the WEFAX article! Instead, the first step in arranging for a NAFAX hookup should be to phone the National Weather Service in Silver Springs, Maryland at (301) 427-7714. They will give you information on how to get a FAX permit. They should also be able to give you details on the nearest site to which you could hook up for their service.

Once you know this, you can query an AT&T sales specialist at (800)222-0400 about the cost of a two-point hookup to that site. This cost varies according to distance and other factors.

Our apologies to Erik Weber for omitting photo credits from his photographs, which appeared in WEATHER FACSIMILE WORLDWIDE in the September 1986 issue of Antic.