Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1986

New Products

New Products notices are compiled by the Antic staff from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic welcomes such submissions, but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the products listed.

(utility software)
Reeve Software
29W150 Old Farm Lane
Warrenvilie, IL 605
(312) 393-2317
$19.95, XL/XE, 48K disk

The Super ReeveKey handler for the Atari CX85 10-key numeric pad allows you to load customized keypad layouts. It works with widely used spreadsheets and databases such as SynCalc, SynFile+, HomePak and Homecard.

(glare screen)
20/20 Concepts Ltd.
4000 Westerly Place, Suite 100
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(714) 955-2232

This combination video screen provides 2X magnification and an anti-glare filter for monitors, enhancing contrast. A Metal-Oxyde coating on the filter absorbs harmful radiation.

(peripheral board)
P.O. Box 19296
Cleveland, OH 44119-0296
(216) 531-8545)
$24.95 (installed $29.95)

Rite Notch installs in your Atari 1050 disk drive. Flipping a switch lets you write to your disk without a notch, or automatically write-protects it. No soldering or cutting is required, but you need to drill three holes in the drive's casing.

(productivity software)
A-Plus Enterprises
3790 Blenheim Road
St. Joseph, MI 43085
$14.95, 48K disk

With Checkbook Plus, your 8-bit Atari can balance your checkbook, save the data and print it out, as well helping budget your account.

(printer peripheral)
Carolina Engineering Laboratories
818 Tyvola Road, #109
Charlotte, NC 28210
(704) 525-4423
$198--8K buffer
$228 64K buffer
$258128K buffer

StyleWriter is a type font loader that operates as a "transparent" Centronics parallel interface unit for graphics-capable dot matrix printers. It uses an 8085 microprocessor to speedily translate ASCII text into a variety of letter-quality type styles. Three type fonts are built-in and optional plug-in fonts are also available. The 128K buffer holds about 65 pages.

(bulletin board software)
Unique Publishing Co.
8002 N.E. Highway 99; No. 260
Vancouver, WA 98665
(206) 573-8628
$49, 48K disk

Speed, flexibility, complete program documentation, author-maintained support, Hayes and Atari modem compatibility, easy upload/download files-- these are the qualities that the publisher of Action Annex BBS System says make the program unique in the BBS field. The system is designed to be easily customized by the sysop and oriented to the special capabilities of the Atari.

(music software)
Kawai America Corp.
24200 S. Vermont Avenue
Harbor City, CA 90710
(213) 534-2350
Price unavailable, 130XE

This software interfaces the Atari 130XE with the Hybrid Arts MIDItrack III l6-track MIDI sequencer and the Kawai K3 synthesizer. It is a wave table editor, tone patch editor and tone patch librarian rolled into one.

(entertainment software)
InteiliCreations Inc.
19808 Nordhoff Place
Chatsworth, CA 91311
(818) 886-5922
$29.95, 48K disk

221 B Baker Street, a graphics/text game featuring Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, sends as many as four players through the foggy alleys of Victorian London gathering clues and trying to break secret codes that will solve the Case of the Blackmailed Poker Players.

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