Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 5, NO. 3 / JULY 1986

New Products

New Products notices are compiled by the Antic staff from information provided by the products' manufacturers. Antic welcomes such submissions, but assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of these notices or the performance of the products listed.

(music software)
Activision, Inc.
P.O. Box 7286
Mountain View, CA 94043
(415) 960-0410
$49.95, 800/XL/XE

Music Studio allows any level of musician to create compositions which can be channeled into an electronic keyboard for maximum audio performance. Musical instruments, sound effects and lyrics can be edited into simple or elaborate musical passages. Also included is a library of compositions and a "music paintbox" for experimenting with notes and instruments.

Electronic Arts
1820 Gateway Drive
San Mateo, CA 94404
(415) 571-7171
$32.95, 48K disk

With Racing Destruction Set, two players can compete against each other on auto race tracks and in racing cars of their own design. The game comes with nine types of vehicles and an array of famous race tracks already built in. This "construction set" entertainment software features true split screen scrolling.

(quiz/study game)
Ezuse Software
2850 Enea Way
Antioch, CA 94509
(415) 754-6026
$11.50, 48K disk

Quizmaster software assists those who wish to construct quiz games or study aids that are both entertaining and practical. Pokey Piano Player routines on the entry screen and colorful graphics throughout enliven the program, which can be geared to any age, skill level, or special interest. Once data is entered, questions are asked in random order. Possible applications range from trivia games to preparation for a real estate exam. Complete instructions are included with the set.

TOP-DOS 1.5+,
(memory upgrades)
ECLIPSE Software
1058 Marigold Court
Sunnyvale, CA 94086
(408) 246-8325

TOP-DOS 1.5+ ($39.95) is the newest version of the popular TOP-DOS disk operating software. It is designed to handle all Atari 8-bit computers, even those with large memory RAMboards. Improvements include BASIC enable/disable for XEs, DOS 2.5 file access, better warp speed and group autorun control. To go with it are three new AXLON-style ramboards in 256K ($149), 512K ($199) and I megabyte ($349).

(printer buffer)
Computer Friends
6415 S.W. Canyon Court, Suite 10
Portland, OR 97221
(503) 297-2321
$199, 64K
$299, 256K

The Proteus parallel two-port buffer features "flexible capacity buffering," which means that at any time, each output port is allocated maximum available memory. Both buffers and a data switch controlled manually or with software are economically contained in a single box. In a typical application, both printers connected to a microcomputer via Proteus can be printing at the same time, immediately freeing the computer's memory.

(reference book)
Howard W. Sams & Co.
4300 W 62 Street
Indianapolis, IN 46268
(800) 428-SAMS

joining the Sams service manuals for the Atari 400 and 800 computers is a new 800XL Computerfacts Manual. Upcoming manuals are to cover the 130XE and the 520ST. The collection provides tips on troubleshooting, replacement part lists, and semiconductor cross-references. Computerfacts manuals contain standard-notation schematics created by a CAD system and reproductions of actual waveform photos taken from test equipment.

Infocom, Inc.
125 Cambridge Park Drive
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 492-6000
$39.95, 48K disk

It's dog-eat-dog in this multi-player game of deduction, strategy and chance, in which you are an "unbearably cool canine" roaming the city of Fooblitzky. At the start of this animated romp, you and the other players secretly select one item from the stores of Fooblitzky. Moving on sidewalk squares at the roll of electronic dice, you spend your allowance of "foobles" as you try to deduce and acquire the four secretly-chosen items. Foobiltzky offers one to two hours play, requiring creative strategy and ruthless determination to outsmart your fellow players.

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