Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 8 / DECEMBER 1985

Antic Online

Type GO ANTIC when you log onto CompuServe in November. This month on ANTIC ONLINE you'll find in-depth reports about the first meetings of the full Board of Directors of the Worldwide Users Network, including the charter slate of Atari users group representatives.

The opening online meeting of the WUN Board of Directors took place on August 28. Agenda topics covered were:

  • WUN support commitments from corporations represented by the directors.
  • Varying viewpoints from the directors about what services WUN should seek to provide for the Atari users community.
   It was decided that the WUN board will confer via CompuServe every two weeks. WUN will also seek to maintain online the most current and complete list of worldwide Atari users groups available.
   The next WUN board meeting was to take place in mid-September. Its main business would be to nominate and vote on users group officers to become members of the board. Current plans called for at least 10 users group WUN directors representing major U.S. and international regions.
   Directors logged on for the online conference were Antic Publisher James Capparell, Neil Harris of Atari, Rob LaTulipe of Digital Research, Inc., Michael Reichmann of Batteries Included and SIG * Atari Sysop Ron Luks. Sig Hartmann of Atari was unable to attend due to a last-minute corporate meeting.
   Chairman of the session was WUN Co-coordinator Gary Yost, Antic Catalog marketing director. Also on hand at Antic's terminal were WUN Co-coordinator Nat Friedland and WUN Corresponding Secretary Rebecca Hale.

Michael Reichmann from Batteries Included, the software publishing company whose products for Atari include Paper Clip and HomePak, said that BI would provide "modest financial backing" for WUN. The company also would be willing to host in-person meetings of WUN representatives in its suite at future Consumer Electronics Shows.
   Rob LaTulipe from Digital Research, the company that developed the GEM icon desktop software for the ST computers, said that DRI saw itself as "the new kid on the block" in terms of the Atari users community. He expressed the hope that WUN could be a bridge between Atari users and Atari suppliers.
   James Capparell pledged that Antic would continue contributing organizational effort plus online and print resources until WUN was able to stand on its own. At that point Antic would leave the forefront and simply participate in WUN as one of the corporate members. However, even then Antic will keep providing late-breaking Atari news and in-depth information online for users group newsletters to download and reprint.
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