Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 6 / OCTOBER 1985

i/o board


I'm having a very hard time finding the printer ink rollers for my Atari 1027 printer. No retail shops here in the Florida Panhandle carry these. Could you help me?
Bruce Daniel
Niceville, FL

The friendly folks at Atari Customer Service assured us that they have aplentiful supply of these, although they are not common around the country They can be ordered directly from Customer Service for $3.98 each.
Atari Customer Service
1196 Borregas Avenue
Sunnyvale, CA 94086

kyan QUERY

I've heard of a kyan Pascal package for $69.95. Can you tell me something about it before I invest?
Robert Stadler

Look for a review of kyan Pascal in these pages next month-ANTIC ED


Has anybody noticed that on a l3OXE, one does not need to press [SHIFT] along with [CAPS] to enter upper-case letter mode? Also, for some reason typing RUN in inverse video works (but not RUN "D:).
Frank Imburgio
Setauket, NY


Can you give me some information on a spelling checker program that will work with AtariWriter?
Tony M. Han
Oak Grove, MO

The Antic Arcade Catalog has one program, Spell Magic, which will work with Atari Writer Also, this year Atari will be bringing out an improved version of Atari Writer called Atari Writer Plus. This will have a built-in spelling checker as well a mailmerge function. And it will also contain three 15K switchable file banks that can be fully utilized on the I3OXE computer.-ANTIC ED


I have found Print Shop to be a superb program except for one small item. It produces striped printouts on my BMC BX-80 when I use it with their BMC or Epson printer setups.
   However, when I use the Mannesmann Tally Spirit 80 setup my printouts are perfect. I thought you might want to pass this information on to other Atari owners.
Bob Whipple
Clementon, NJ

You may want to pass this information on to your readers who own Star Gemini lOX printers and are contemplating acquiring Print Shop.
   The software performs flawlessly, with the exception of printing banners. The result is not as described. Instead you get a checkerboard pattem, rather than solid lines as with greeting cards, letterheads and signs. This was confirmed by Broderbund in a letter they sent me.
Hisham M. Saaid
Frankfort, KY


I have enjoyed your magazine very much for the last three years. I never encountered a problem worth writing in about before, but I have one now. Where do I get the cable for the Atari 600XL that connects the computer to the TV switch-box? Mine has broken, and I can't find another.
K. Kidwell

We spoke to Atari Customer Service. Atari now prefers to repair cables that have broken, rather than selling new ones. Take the broken cable into an Atari Service Center Or send it to Atari Customer Service, they will fix it for you and return it COD.


Spinnaker Software would like all readers of Antic Magazine to know that it intends to fully support the new Atari ST computers. Spinnaker was the first major publisher to announce support for the ST, and we intend to support the machine across each of our brands: Spinnaker, Fisher-Price, Telarium, Windham Classics and Better Working.
   It takes time to convert software to a new computer, especially when it has such wonderful new features. We will have the first of our products available in September, and should have 10 different titles available for Christmas.
   Spinnaker has been a long supporter of Atari Computer products, and we intend to remain so in the future.
William H. Bowman
Spinnaker Software