Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 5 / SEPTEMBER 1985

Antic Online


Type GO ANTIC when you log onto CompuServe in August. You'll find the first lessons from Chris Crawford's Assembly Language tutorial now on ANTIC ONLINE, in the Worldwide Users Network (WUN) pages. Each month a new AL lesson by famed games designer Crawford will be uploaded. Here is the complete course:

1. 6502 Assembler
2. Arithmetic
3. Logic
4. Branching
5. Index Registers
6. Subroutines
7. Interrupts
8. Advanced Topics

Representatives of users groups affiliated with WUN have been uploading their suggestions for future WUN programs. You can follow the ongoing discussion in the WUN section of ANTIC ONLINE, as well as keeping up with the latest WUN news.

Atari's Sig Hartmann, president of the AtariSoft Division, has agreed to serve on the WUN board of directors. Hartmann has a long record of service to users groups, Commodore users newsletters carried grieving headlines when he left to join Jack Tramiel at Atari.


A complete Antic Arcade Catalog customer service system is now in place on ANTIC ONLINE. You can follow the Antic Central menu prompts and upload your queries for quick response via email. If you're not a CompuServe subscriber yet, see your local computer dealer or phone (800) 848-8199 for sign-up information. Ohioans phone (614)457-0802. You can access ANTIC ONLINE evenings at 300 baud for only the standard Compuserve hourly $6 rate.