Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1985

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Worldwide Users Network

Chris Crawford, famed programmer of "Eastern Front" and "Excalibur;" is teaching an eight-month course in assembly language for the Worldwide Users Network (WUN).

Starting in mid-June, a new assembly language lesson will be added each month to the Worldwide Users Network pages of ANTIC ONLINE on CompuServe.

The eight lessons are titled: Introduction to 6502 Assembly Language, Arithmetic, Logic, Branching, Index Registers, Subroutines, Interrupts, Advanced Topics. Crawford originally presented the lessons at the San Leandro Computer Club, one of the charter members of WUN.


Antic proudly presents this unique learning tool as our latest contribution to the growing number of WUN membership benefits.

The Worldwide Users Network started out with a two-inch announcement on the editorial page of the December, 1984 Antic. More details were added when ANTIC ONLINE got underway on CompuServe in January 1985.

From the very first, phone calls and letters from users groups all over the country came pouring in. There was obviously a vast hunger among Atari users groups to be able to speak with a united voice about matters of mutual concern.

ANTIC ONLINE has placed on the WUN pages a directory of over 130 users groups that signed up. We've also asked CompuServe to provide us with the capabIlity to enable authorized users group representatives to upload information about coming meetings.


Meanwhile, Antic's online presence and the WUN umbrella has allowed us to provide users group newsletters with the latest news of Atari developments – news that is often uploaded within hours after it happens.

We have been providing this fast, professional Atari news coverage online since our sneak preview of the new ST and XE computers just prior to the January 1985 Consumer Electronics Show.

WUN representitives from all over the country came to the Antic Third Birthday Party on March 30 and met in person with Atari president Sam Tramiel and other top executives of the company.

Our conception of the Worldwide Users Network has been evolving and is still continuing to evolve. We are in the process of putting together an independent WUN Board of Directors to reflect the goals and wishes of the widest spectrum of Atari users.


Rob LaTulipe, ST GEM software development manager at Digital Research, Inc. has already agreed to serve on the board. Users group delegates representing the different areas of the country will also be seated on the WUN board of directors.

As new products are released for the powerful l3OXE and 5205T, we believe that the manufacturers will increasingly be asking Antic to pass along beta testing samples to WUN member groups.

We are currently exploring a variety of exciting possibilities for providing additional benefits to WUN members. Probably the biggest thing we are considering is the possibility of putting together a WUN Atari Convention in the San Francisco-Silicon Valley area in about six months. This would be an Atari fair that also set aside time for WUN election and planning meetings.


Clearly the convention idea is still a trial balloon. It would require a significant commitment of Antic's energy if we go ahead with the project. Help us decide if it can be done. Send us a letter, or electronic mail via ANTIC ONLINE.

Tell us what time of year you would be most likely to attend a convention in Northern California. What speakers and panels would you prefer? How many members of your users group do you think would travel to the convention? And would you be willing to help out at the convention as a volunteer?