Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1985


What's coming from the top developers

by MICHAEL CIRAOLO, Associate Editor

The short but dynamic history of the microcomputer industry has made it clear that success or failure of a new computer like the Atari ST depends largely on availability of outstanding software for it.

That's why Antic's exclusive ST coverage each month will bring you the latest news on what programs are being developed by top independent software publishers.

Stoneware, marketer of the best-selling DB Master Apple/IBM database, announced an agreement with Atari Corp. to develop a new filing program for the ST.

According to development manager Stanley Crane, the yet-unnamed "ST filer" will be extremely easy for the entry level home or business user. Users will be able to select colors and change fonts, as well as lay out files to suit individual needs.

Microbits Peripheral Products of Albany, Oregon, is developing the Omega telecommunications package for the ST as well as for existing XE and other 8-bit Atari Computers. Omega has icons, windows and pull-down menus. It will use either a mouse or a Joystick, said MPP spokesman Kirt Stockwell. The 8-bit version is written in compiled ACTION! and includes a driver to run the Atari mouse.

MPP expects to have Omega running on all Atari machines this summer. Omega will also run on the IBM PC and clones using the C language. The 16-bit progam will cost around $50, the 8-bit about $10 less. A 3D battle-zone game for the ST is also under development.

Boston's Spinnaker Software will have eight products for the ST this fall, according to company spokesperson Linda Pollock. Pollock said the products were being developed on Spinnaker's in-house development system used for their adventure games.

Infocom's Dan Horn said he expects the company's entire line of text adventures to be offered for the ST, but would not specify a date. "We'll announce them 90 days before release," he said. Infocom's in-house development language has been notable for its comparative ease in converting programs for various computers.

Sierra On-Line will bring out the IBM PC favorite King's Quest as well as Ultima II for the ST, according to Ken Williams.

Atari graphics demo screen
Atari graphics demo

CheckMinder screen
CheckMinder – One of six personal productivity packages from HABA Systems

Atari graphics demo screen
Atari graphics demo

VIP Professional screen
VIP Professinal – A 1,2,3 lookalike from VIP Technologies

FAT screen
FAT – An in-house, Atari "paint" utility under development