Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1985



Walt Bulawa's "Helicopter Roundup" game IS on Side B of the June, 1985 monthly disk and can be loaded by typing RUN "D:ROUNDUP.BAS from BASIC. However, you won't see it in the directory unless you change line 280 of the Side B MENU program to:

280 POSITION 36, (N/2)+5: PRINT "I"


Some readers have been having trouble typing a pair of special character strings in "AUTORUN.SYS" (May, 1985)

The ATASCII codes for the string inline 150 are: 255, 255, 0, 6.

The ATASCII codes for the string in line 270 are: 255, 255, 226, 2, 227, 2, 0, 6.


In your May 1985 issue, you state that Antic disk subscribers will find a "run time" version of Amazing, the ACTION! game. The file does not have a .BAS extender and won't load from the menu.

Robert Gunsberg
Medford, NY

AMAZE.EXE can be loaded using the L command from DOS 2, but not from DOS 3. However, our recent monthly disks have been packed with programs that haven't had room for the DUP.SYS file that enables you to do this. So you'll have to use another DOS 2 disk to get the DOS menu. See "Why You Want DOS 2", Antic April, 1985 for an explanation of DUP.SYS.

Also, each montly disk contains a HELP files explaining how to load files such as .EXE, and lots of other useful information – ANTIC ED


In Angelo Giambra's "Musician" (June, 1985), here's how to get your song to play instead of being erased when you press [P]. Change line 790 to:

790 IF A=54 THEN POSITION 4,22: ? #6: "song cleared": GOTO 810