Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1985


Being the primary source of information for Atari computer owners for over three years has brought Antic a lot of industry recognition recently. We're passing along the following pieces of information in order to share the credit with all of you in the community of Atari users. We did it together!

  • A survey of computer magazine readers by the Yankee Group of Boston, one of the top computer marketing consultants, ranked Antic in sixth place among ALL computer magazines – not only the brand specific magazines.
  • The trade journal "Computer Publication Retailer" surveyed stores nationwide and listed their best-selling magazines. Antic was the ONLY Atari-specific magazine on this unranked list.
  • Antic Action Edition is the best-selling magazine plus disk package in the big B. Dalton bookstore chain. Antic is also among Dalton's Top Three computer magazine sellers.


Frankly, we expected a pretty good response from readers when we printed our May editorial about Atari users being "Mad as hell and won't take it anymore" if software publishers don't release Atari versions of their hit progams.

That's because it was obviously an idea whose time had come, in the wake of all the new XLs sold last Christmas.

But we didn't expect so many readers to write Antic so soon and send us copies of their letters to the software company presidents. And we're especially happy to report a major victory already. The reader whose letter was printed along with our May editorial is getting software he wanted ...

Broderbund president Dave Carlston returned from a trip to find a pile of Antic reader letters on his desk demanding an Atari version of Championship Loderunner – and Antic promptly got a call saying that Broderbund would make the conversion! We'll pass along more information as soon as it's available.

	Dear Jim,

	You and some of your readers were instrumental in helping Broderbund decide 
	to publish an Atari version of Championship Load Runner. Several readers
 	wrote to Broderbund in response to Antic's May 1985 editorial. We will 
	not only be developing Championship Lode Runner for the Atari, but also
	Karateka. Both games will be out this year in time for the holiday season.


								Cathy Carlston
								Vice President
								Broderbund Software

What other hit programs are Antic readers feeling left out on? Here is a sampling from the letters we have received so far:

Artie Stein of Fairfield, CA has written to Electronic Arts about Sky Fox and Epyx about Impossible Mission. He closed with this couplet, "I've got the bucks and I'm ready to buy / but all I can do is sit and cry."

Ronald A. Madia of Fairfield, NJ wants to know why Human Edge Software doesn't release its pioneering psychological program Mind Prober for the Atari.

Russell Casey of Lexington, KY a substantial collection of Electronic Arts software and would like to add to it with Adventure Construction Set, Mail Order Monster and Racing Destruction Set. Hosea Battles, Jr. of Grand Forks, SD seconds the motion.

John Balling left us a message on ANTIC ONLINE saying that Sierra Online rudely turned him away when he phoned to see if there was any way his HomeWord word processor could be modified to address the full 128K memory of his brand new Atari 130XE.

Matthew Kasdorf of Manchester, NM wrote to Origin Systems about a problem he was having with his Exodus: Ultima III disk. He was appalled to get a return letter that left Atari off the list of computers due to get Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

Scott Heinze of Jackson Heights is an Atari enthusiast and sysop (Battleship Atari 718-639-8569) who sent us a long list of unavailable titles including Activision's Mindshadow, Music Studio, On-Court Tennis and On-Field Football.

We were glad that Scott ended his letter with a list of software companies that have stood behind Atari owners. Some of the good guys include Avalon Hill, Batteries Included, Infocom, Microbits Perpheral Products, Microprose, Mindscape, Optimized Systems Software, Strategic Simulations Inc.

So keep those letters coming to the software company presidents, readers! Why not write to the good guy publishers too? Thank them for their Atari support, we know they'd appreciate it a lot! And don't forget to send Antic a copy of whatever you write. We'll be sure to keep you informed as more publishers add Atari titles.

James Capparell