Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 4 / AUGUST 1985



Win The New MPP 1200 Baud Modem!

Antic had so much fun looking at creative entries in our Color The Cover contest a few months ago, we decided to do it again. The first contest conclusively proved that lots of talented computer artists are out there, but how many computer Hanna-Barberas will we find this time?

The winning animator will receive one of the brand new MPP 1200 baud modems that plugs directly into your Atari. This is your chance to be a Walt Disney, a Ralph Bakshi, or a Chuck Jones (now there's a name for trivia experts). Just send us the best ATARI 'Toon we've ever seen and you'll be logging onto your favorite bulletin boards at 1200 baud speed.

Four ruuner-ups will win Home-Pak, the popular integrated software package from Batteries Included that contains HomeTerm, one of the finest communication programs for the Atari.


Create an animated cartoon with ATARI 'Toons and send it to Antic on disk or cassette. Include a cover letter with the loading instructions plus some brief information about yourself.

Your letter MUST tell us: the cartoon file name (if disk), whether you want the cursor ON or OFF, and the playback speed. If you want to use a special character set, include its filename and any necessary instructions.

All cartoons must operate on the ATARI 'Toons program as published in this issue of Antic – no "customized" programs or auto-boot disks please! Cartoons must run no longer than one minute at the speed you choose.

Read the instructions for ATARI 'Toons closely and type the listings carefully. Listing 3 creates a short sample cartoon. The Antic monthly disk contains two cartoon examples. Those without a disk subscription can order the August disk through the Antic Arcade Catalog. You can find a sample ATARI 'Toon in SIG *Atari, on CompuServe. Look in Data Library 2, for TOON.* as the filename. Cursor art cartoons are also featured on several bulletin boards. Their phone numbers are provided in the main ATARI 'Toons article.

Be as creative as you like with your entries. They can be on any subject and you can work on them solo or with friends. Enter as many cartoons as you wish.

All entries must arrive by October 1, 1985. Send to: Cartoon Contest, Antic, 524 Second Street, San Francisco, CA 94107.

The names of the contest winner and runner-ups will be published in our January 1986 issuc The winning cartoons will on the Antic January 1986 disk and available earlier via SIG*Atari. All entries become the property of Antic Publishing, lnc. and will not be returned. Contest is void wbere prohibited.