Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 3 / JULY 1985



If you're finding blue hearts all over your Maneuver title screen (Antic, April, 1985) LIST the program to disk or cassette, type NEW, then re-ENTER it and SAVE it.


Those with the new Gemini SG-l0 printers may have discovered that Font Maker (Antic, March, 1985) will not work on these printers. Help is here.
   First, set DIP switch 1-5 on your SG-l0 to OFF and then type in the Font Maker Modification listing that you'll find in this month's Listing Section, page 59.
   LIST the modification to disk, type NEW, LOAD the original Font Maker program, then ENTER the Modification. Finally, SAVE the entire modified program. (Those confused between LIST and SAVE should see "Why You Want DOS 2" in Antic, April, 1985.)

SG10FIX.LST Download / View



Since Antic began using the new TYPO II proofreading program in January 1985, we have been getting requests for TYPO II codes to some of the most popular pre-1985 programs.
   In this months' Listing Section, you'll find the line-by-line codes-just the codes-for "Biffdrop," "Escape from Epsilon," 'Advent X-5," and 'Adventure Island." We'll print additional TYPO II updates if we get enough requests. Enjoy.