Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 3 / JULY 1985

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Newcomers to the Atari computer should find Star Venture a relatively easy game to type. This space opera is created with just a few redefined characters in Graphics mode 0. It will run on all Atari computers of any memory size, with either disk or cassette.

"Kid, I've jockeyed rockets from one end of the galaxy to another, but I've never seen anything hairier than the Ghost Station of Antroni..." The Sarge's words echoed in my head as a huge metal gate clanged shut behind me!
   Yes, I was now locked in the vast outer chamber of the legendary Ghost Station! Beyond my viewport floated rare and incredibly valuable Quontex crystals. All I had to do was fly over them to pick them up-while avoiding those lethal Kirollian Death Pods!
   Yet I knew this was my last desperate chance to avoid spending the rest of my life toiling as a slave in the living mudslime of the Antronian glort fields. Shipwrecked in the Antroni star cluster after barely surviving a cataclysmic meteor storm, I needed to come up with plenty of cash for repairs and refueling-not to mention those outrageous Existence Taxes they charge on Antroni!
   So I rubbed the sweat from my palms, gripped the control stick, and pushed gently forward...

Each chamber of the gargantuan abandoned space station was slightly different. Only some of them had barriers, but every chamber contained nine near-priceless Quontex capsules as well as too many death pods.
   But until I collected every capsule from one chamber, the gate to the next remained forever locked. One brush against the walls, barriers or death pods and I'd be nothing but a handful of stardust!
   As I carefully explored the station, I was surviving long enough to notice a pattern: After five chambers, it seemed as if I was starting all over again- except it was harder. A lot harder! Whatever long-forgetten alien race built this Ghost Station was crazy, not to mention sadistic as all get-out.
   Luckily, I still had some shield energy left. I'd started with 15 shields, but you know sometimes you just can't avoid those killer pods. So you've got to press the old fire button and.. BLAMMO. . . there goes another pod. Well, I still have enough left for three more shields. And there's gotta be a way out of here with my crystals!
   Doesn't there?

Ronald Saari would be happy to have you log onto his New Jersey Atari BBS, the Loony Bin, at (201) 449-3895.

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