Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 10 / FEBRUARY 1986

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Latest products unveiled


For the latest on-the-spot Atari bulletins, direct from the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, type GO ANTIC when you log onto CompuServe in January. Lots of powerful new Atari computer hardware and software is expected to be unveiled at the winter CES.


An Atari users group officer, Joe Waters, has been named temporary chairman of the Worldwide Users Network (WUN). Waters is president of NOVATARI, the Northern Virginia Atari users group, and also edits the ambitious Current Notes publication of Washington Area ACE.

Chosen as temporary vice-chairman of WUN was Frank Nagle, president of Silicon Valley's BAAUG. The voting came during an online meeting of the WUN Board of Directors. A transcript of this meeting can be found in the WUN section of ANTIC ONLINE.

From now on, WUN policies will be set by users groups themselves. Antic and other corporations serving the needs of the Atari community will continue to provide organizational support.


520ST software developers are finding invaluable help in Professional GEM Helpline, Tim Oren's twice-monthly ANTIC ONLINE column.

Every two weeks, Oren's column demonstrates advanced ST GEM programming techniques.

Oren is a former member of the GEM (Graphics Environment Manager) programming team at Digital Research, Inc. He designed and implemented the GEM Resource Construction Set and other parts of the GEM Programmer's Toolkit. Now at Activenture, Oren is designing CD ROM user interfaces for the ST.


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