Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 4, NO. 1 / MAY 1985


From the
ABCs of Atari Computers
by David Mentley

SPEAKER - The console SPEAKER is controlled by register $D0lF (53279) decimal. This is the same location as for the console keys. To start the SPEAKER clicking, POKE in a number between 0 and 7. The continuous loop
   1 POKE 53279,0: GOTO 1
will generate a continuous humming noise. In the XL series, the SPEAKER noise is routed to the television SPEAKER.

Infrequently Used BASIC Commands

STR$ - In BASIC, the STR$ command converts a number or numeric variable to a STRing. You will also need a string variable name to place the string into if you want to use it somewhere else. ONE23$ = STR$(123) will assign the string "123" to the string variable ONE23$.
VAL - In BASIC, VAL performs the opposite function as STR$. VAL converts a string which is made of numeric characters to a numerical variable or value. X=VAL(Y$) will assign the value of 123 to the variable X if Y$ were a string called "123". If Y$ is an alphabetic character, an error will result.

From ABCs of Atari Computers by David Mentley (available through the Antic Catalog in this issue). Reprinted by permission of Datamost, Inc.