Classic Computer Magazine Archive ANTIC VOL. 3, NO. 8 / DECEMBER 1984



Create Horizontal or Vertical banners with  your 80-column printer-in letters up to 10 inches wide.  This BASIC program works with either dot-matrix or letter-quality printers.  Runs on all Atari computers of any memory  configuration.  Antic Disc subscribers RUN"D:BANNER.BAS"

Next time you're throwing party, or helping set up an event for some organization you belong to, decorate the hall with large banners bearing festive messages.  Bannertizer makes it easy for you to create your own big signs in either horizontal or vertical format.  All you need is your Atari and just about any printer that uses 8-1/2" paper.  This program worked on every printer at Antic.
   Type in the program listing, check it with TYPO, and SAVE a copy or two.  Before you RUN it, make sure your printer is turned on and on-line.  When the title screen appears, press [START].  Next, enter a 0 for a horizontal banner, or 1 for vertical.  Then you're prompted to enter a number for letter width from 1 to 10.  A one specifies the smallest letter size, and ten indicates the widest.  Next, you're prompted to enter your message.  The message can be any length up to 255 characters, and may contain any characters, including letters, numbers, and graphics characters.  Finally, your banner is printed out.  During this, a message on the screen tells you which character is currently being printed.  After the banner is printed, the program starts again in case you want to print more banners.
   If you'd like to print out your banner with something else besides an asterisk, substitute the character of your choice for the asterisk in line 2040.

John Bauman created Bannertizer while seeking an easy way to print out a large placard of his home-town's name ... Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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